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by horrorsleazetrash on September 4, 2010

Wolfgang Carstens lives in Canada with his wife, five kids, two cats and a dog.  His poetry is printed on the backs of unpaid bills.  Wolfgang’s first book CRUDELY MISTAKEN FOR LIFE (Epic Rites Press 2010) is available online through amazon.com, through Small Press Distribution at spdbooks.org, and stocked on the shelves of finer bookstores everywhere.  For more information please visit the Epic Rites website here.


*(*for Todd Moore*)

what did you do?
i stabbed my wife
in the gut
and ripped
the blade upwards
spilling her intestines
on her shoes
then i slashed
her face
the tip
of her nose
went flying
into the tall grass
the fifty bucks
i spent
on the bayonet
was a real bargain
Moore said
as the electric door
on our steel cell
slammed shut
on our dreams


*a spot to punch*

i put four fingers
inside my wife last night.
i’m sure my entire fist
would’ve fit easily enough.

i didn’t try…
i don’t think my ego
could’ve handled it.

it was too tempting…
having a spot to punch
without leaving bruises.



a broken swingset,
a cracked plastic pool,
a wheelbarrow with a flat tire,
a rusted lawnmower,
a snowshovel,
a frayed extension cord,
unwashed dishes,
dirty laundry,
empty beer cans,
cigarette butts,
dog shit
and weeds.

five kids,
two cats,
a wife,
a dog,
a mortgage

and death.

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