WP Newnham

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 23, 2013


W.J.P.Newnham was born in Melbourne in 1965 at the Royal Women’s Hospital and whisked away from his mother as part of the white stolen generation policies where un-wed mothers were stripped of their children. He was adopted and raised all over country Victoria having at age 17 lived in 11 different houses and attended 9 different schools. At a grade 6 literacy test he read at a university level and when matriculating he won the schools humanity score prize. His attendance at university was sporadic.

W.J.P.Newnham has hitchhiked around Australia working as barman, bum and waiter; slaughter hand, deckhand and master spending 25 years working in the Northern Prawn Fishery. He has travelled extensively in south-east Asia, the Americas and Japan and speaks market-place Indonesian with some fluency.


Only drinking at the Napier on Friday

And feasting on fat cut lamb

As the faithful are herded

With flashing red batons


And with half a hum on

We leg it down backstreets

And strapping “em up phat”

Shoot the moon from the sky.

Good times




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