Putrid Modern Hell #30

by HST UK on May 3, 2012

We get what we deserve – The closing of ‘Is Anyone Up’

Several weeks’ back I was emailed a Village Voice article about a fellow I’d never heard of before called Hunter Moore –

Now, Mr Moore comes across as a scumbag in the piece, though clearly the journalist saw a chance to boost their profile, like any good hack might as they approach the enticing whirlwind of internet hype. I wouldn’t call it character assassination because Moore seemed to be dancing around with a revolver stuck in his own mouth, hell bent on pressing the trigger.
Is Anyone Up – Moore’s bright contribution to the internet could be best described as a site that showcased ‘revenge porn’, featuring nude photographs shared by jilted lovers, mischievous hackers and bitter former friends. To compound the humiliation, a Facebook or Twitter profile link to the persons shamed in the photographs was also shared; the ultimate cowardly verification.

Hunter Moore is a chancer; he saw an opportunity and made the most of it. Visualizing a veritable feast of money, infamy and ahem… pussy galore. Like with anything on the internet, the curiosity soon fades. The hits and ‘likes’ no longer sustain interest. You can only run on the fuel of other people’s misery for so long, and eventually the hell ride came to a whimpering climax.

BullyVille, a website which hopes to assist those who either are, or indeed have been bullied to move on with their lives and use their difficult experiences in a motivating and inspirational manner, is the place where anyone who clicks on isanyoneup.com gets redirected to. At first glance it seems like a noble cause has slayed the dragon. However the founder of BullyVille also created http://www.cheaterville.com/ which has received its fair share of criticism. Cheaterville names and shames in a politer manner those who have done the dirty on their partners. The sites founder James McGibney said in light of Is Anyone Up shutting down “I’ve known Hunter for quite some time now, and the fact of the matter is that he’s a very smart guy. While he has been misguided, he is very astute and socially observant. His ability to not only capture the attention of young people, but to spur them into action as well, is truly unique in an era where social media makes it so easy to be a passive consumer of information.” Those words sound more like they’ve come from the mouth of a big business headhunter rather than a concerned citizen; just like choice sound bites from a Football press conference when the manager, having signed the maverick centre forward who has a reputation for drinkin’, wife beatin’ and breakin’ the law, makes sure that the emphasis only remains on what he does on the pitch. Let’s forget about the morally reprehensible side of his character.

One could argue that the damage has been done, and that a porthole has already been opened to the dark realms of Social Media privacy and self-disclosure. Inevitably, if it hasn’t happened already, copycat sites will spring up. Soon, people might go further and share videos on a ‘revenge porn’ tube site. Stories such as this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2138400/Drunk-partygoer-filmed-naked-couple-asleep-sex-causing-female-victim-attempt-suicide.html reveal that people don’t have much of a moral conscience nowadays.

I don’t believe Moore is ‘pure evil’, or even ‘the most hated man on the internet’. He simply tapped into the public’s need to share. We want to be represented, to believe that our online profiles make our lives seem meaningful, and showcase that we are colourful daring interesting individuals. We can’t all be on the A-list, but we believe that we deserve to be.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I’m arguably the most conservative and prudish contributor to Horror Sleaze Trash, and I find it hard to fathom why anyone would take a picture of themselves naked on their camera phones. Maybe, it is because my phone can’t zoom in enough to capture my modest meat and two veg, but to me it seems like you’re needlessly providing ammunition, since taking photos and videos of yourself, even for the benefit of your partner, isn’t particularly intimate. The victims named and shamed on Is Anyone Up are not blameless innocents in this regard, because they either acted promiscuously, or provided the opportunity to be exploited. Admittedly this is a weak argument; especially given the identities of those featured on Is Anyone Up were mostly cowardly provided by anonymous ne’er-do-wells.

Reinventing himself as a philanthropist (beginning with a new project called ‘We Party for a Cause’ which is all about organizing crazy parties in the name of charity), and bad guy gone good shouldn’t be a problem for Moore, in a decade when a MySpace cyber goth can change overnight into a Facebook city slicker. Moore has battled with lawyers, and got stabbed by a disgruntled young lady in the name of Is Anyone Up, perhaps it is a relief that the adventure has come to end. His statement on BullyVille is an example of why living in the moment and making choices based on gut instinct is the true enemy of hindsight. Moore said “The bills were getting too insane and I had to turn to the porn game for extra money but it’s too shady and, in my opinion, it ruined the site.” and “The site was a blessing for me and still is, but I am burned out and I honestly can’t take another underage kid getting submitted and having to go through the process of reporting it and dealing with all the legal drama of that situation.”

Defenders of Pornography such as http://lukeisback.com/ have suggested that Moore has “threw porn under the bus”, forgetting that the Adult Entertainment Industry is a vile, disease ridden gob that tends to chew people up and spit them out (of course you could make the same analogy about Reality TV and Saturday Night Talent Shows). Sure, there are enterprising figures that have transcended the Adult Entertainment Industry, broke ground in personal expression, but even those people have lost considerably before they have gained. Hunter Moore has no doubt learned a few harsh lessons.

On safer ground Moore will now be operating in a more kosher territory. He might write a tell-all memoir, get a film made about his life, turn to a more spiritual path, and bizarrely I would say good luck to him. Essentially he is the second stage in man’s ‘Fratire’ online evolution, following on from Tucker Max, only not from a low brow literate angle. Moore was an instant, captured, shared and soon to be forgotten.


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