Black-Listed Thoughts by Mike Meraz

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 1, 2011

Eighth-page-sized, laser-printed, saddle-stapled mini-poetry chapbook, book 3 in our Right Quick series

Press releases.

“pretty ain’t nothin’ but a headache.”

…but there sure as shit is something pretty about Mike Meraz new mini chap “Black-listed thoughts”.  Something pretty; like the make up on a hooker, and i mean that in a positive way.  The make up is smudged and kinda grimy but the intent is there – and its trying to prove the subtle brilliance of a world seen behind the heartbreaking eyes of a poet, and in this case – a damn good one.

Its never easy reviewing people works, not for me any way – but i gotta say, this mini mad man is worth the 4 bucks you would just spend on a beer any way, and you can get drunk off this any way.

“I am constantly vacillating between a life of brilliant misery and happy mediocrity”

Get a copy here, seriously.

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