“Lego Cats and Paperplanes” – Review By Steve Champion

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 7, 2014


“Lego Cats and Paperplanes” – Review By Steve Champion

My friend, Author and Death Row inmate, Steve Champion reviews my latest chap book “Lego Cats and Paperplanes” featuring the art work of Katie Young.


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A Death Row Memoir by Steve Champion. Champion describes his early life in Los Angeles and the allure for him of the Crips street gang, his incarceration and experience in the U.S. prison system, his life on death row, and his growth and struggle as a human being. He also offers a critical analysis of the prison system, especially capital punishment, and describes how through sustained collaboration with Stanley Tookie Williams and Anthony Ross he evolved on death row from a high school dropout into an accomplished writer and student of the humanities.

Steves book can be purchased here.

Steve’s Hunger Strike details can be found here.

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