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by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 8, 2013

(the night of the ghouls of lesbo)

LIBER CXI review, by Ben John Smith

Self confessed “un educational” Kali Yuga Porn (the last stage of the worlds cycle in the age of vice) Marco Malattia, the spear head behind the Vans>La>Furka Videomalattie studia describes his work as “A work that resists any form of determinism, a work which embraces a cold, theological and caustic language that demonstrates the interaction of nothing through bodies, objects, glimpses of naked reality, nullity, errors and new perspectives.”

Bluntly, its fuck you film.  It has the deep, dark and often demonic style of a hard core noir, hammer film with the addition of extremely violent pornography. Cut throat, its not every ones cup of tea, in fact, id go as far to say its borderline sane.  Its horses for courses, or in this case, glad wraping for shit eaters and ass stretching.

Marco sent me a copy of the recently published and definitive collection ‘LIBER CXI’ which spans the highlight list from the 2007-2011 period of work. Ranging from experiments in feces, the cronicals of helga and some of the more intense fletching scenes i have ever seen, LIBER CXI is as underground as it comes, tightly extensuated with, what i find the films most brilliant aspect, a tense and un easing sound track.

Masking the bullshit in the art scene of review or opinion, i feel this work speaks for its self and if any one attempted to find some liberating or redeaming points of view in the name of commercial or spiritual art, they would be wrong.  The work of Marco is as complex as it is correct, as simple as it needs to be.  Blood, sweat and anal cum, not for the squeemish or soft of heart…

And its from this i feel safe saying, even vouching that Marco Malattia is a man, a whole entity and full time modern day hustler; a true, honetst and ball out artist.  Consistantly featuring in, directing, filming and producing his entire collection of work, Marco has no one to explain his system to but the viewer him/her self and that, i genuinly think, keeps the purpose of the film directly from the creator to the viewer, regardless of the viewers interpreteation.

Tighten up your nipple clamps, plug up your butt holes, Marco’s taking stage.

([M]Ass, semen and the god’s words’)

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