My Pure Joy.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 25, 2011

Born and raised in Los Angeles, James Cullen Bressack was surrounded by film his entire life. His father was a three time Emmy award winning writer, and his mother was a voice actress, so all he knew was the industry. At the age of 4 James’ father took him into the recording studio of his new TV show. Immediately James walked around directing. From that moment on He was obsessed with the world of film. Making a few short films and then moving forward to writing features. He sent out his first feature screen play at the age of 18 and The film was immediately funded. James was given the opportunity to direct his first horror movie. Arguably the youngest horror writer/director to date, James is dedicated to his craft and loves it! He opened up Psykik Junky Pictures, a production company that he hopes to use to make numerous films people will love!

Hst reviews his latest project.

Straight from the start, My Pure Joy is water stained with tense teenage angst.   Not in the Trench Coat Mafia sense of the words, which is not to say that  MPJ is not a genuinely disturbed, rather its edgy and uncomfortable in the surreal mentality of a middle class white psycho path.  It begins with a power house of seamless and continual death scenes, cast falling like lemmings from sorted arrays of ultra violence.  If any thing, the gore isn’t half assed, its fucking caked on.  Nipple splitting, castration – you name it and MPJ will deliver it, and deliver it well – with guts.  Its brazen with its scares and right in your face with its dismemberment.  The Blood on the dead boys teddy bear is a stroke of genius.

A overlaying current of film and pop culture references are plentiful and made enjoyable by becoming important to the psyche and direction of the films narrative.   The mime like moments of Adam are glimmers into the true talent behind the direction of James Cullan.  I found my self rooting for our antagonist, which is always a winning ingredient. His disintegration is well paced, not over played.

If I can complain, which I will do weakly, but in the form of all good reviews – perhaps a few scenes are a little long winded, some acting is a little hammy and occasionally the duologue gets a little cheesy.   But the jokes are solid, the scares are in your face and like all great slasher films, there is a handful of tits and ass.  keep a keen eye on that creepy fucker James, i have a felling he has a future in the scene.

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