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by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 14, 2011

It’s a bloody tough gig this whole poetry thing.  First you gotta balls up and write about some of the most outlandish and wild shit you have done in your life, and then you gotta try and hock it off to dudes calling it art.  It aint a fucking easy spin, you know what i mean?  – i feel like a cunt asking 10 bucks for my pages on my dick and pissing in the bath.  But if you suckers ever gotta buy one thing i tell ya’s too, this is the one. Paul has earned his fucking balls to ask money for this madness because its god damn worth your grip.  “yes bones or clams or whatever you call them.” So suck it up mother fuckers, get out ya wallets and skip the next round at the local – spend some time reading this shit instead – its just as boozy and almost as bad for your health.

What a gas.

remember that time
we were all sitting
around high on acid
hash poppers & piss
& that junky kid
started sniffing
the gas & i had to
go out buy methylated
spirits at the servo
xmas day & i laughed
or thought i did
or remember saying
that’s serious shit
all fucked up
probably more so now

buy the book at Mulla Mulla Press.

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