Slash – Hobbledehoy Productions.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 27, 2011

Caleb McKenney’s new short SLASH hits HST desks and leaves us all feeling a little creeped out.

I always get excited about checking out screeners, especially of the blood soak variety.  I usually get a few people in the house to sit around watch the flick with me so i can get a “across the board” reception. A room full of people peeped SLASH for this review and every set of eye’s were glued to the screen, and every set of eyes dropped when it was super gory.  I think that really speaks for its self.  It was a film of constant entertainment.  It didn’t lapse for a second.

SLASH is unsuspecting and mature.  The narrative remembers its self and I think that’s important in a short film. A punchy, clever and in your face hammer flick.  What i loved most was its Australian charisma.  The filming was tight and clustraphobic in some scenes, it kept the ball wound and intense.

Personally I’d love to see what Caleb could do with a feature film, and i would be interested to see him play around with the depth of a plot.  I had to remind my self constantly that this was a sort film.  The anonymity of the killer lends well to the paranoir, but can be a little confusing. It would be the small details i would relish, like Id love to know if the “eye ball victim” finishes his shit in the sink.

There is personality to the charicters, and are modeled with a clear personality and traits, even in the very small time we are introduced, to them.

Its funny when it tries to be, its sexy when it can be and its bloody disgusting like it should be. Over all,  SLASH is a fucking mad man,and i love it.

Opening Night:

Friday the 16th of September at the

Sun Theatre in Yarraville

with drinks starting from 6:30pm and the movie screening from 7:00pm.

Ticket prices TBA.

More information here.

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