“The Librarian” ~ John Grochalski

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 10, 2014

John Grochalski is that rarity in literature these days—an honest man. In his poems, stories and novels Grochalski eschews artifice in favor of something grander and more immediate; he strives to show the world as it is in all its mortifying desperation. Here is the real grit of lives eked out in the trenches of a culture and country in steep decline. To read Grochalski is to know America.

—Kristofer Collins, Editor, Low Ghost Press

John Grochalski aims straight for the heart of things. With equal measures of acid and awe, he lights out for territory originally assayed by the legendary Charles Bukowski. Roll down the windows, fire up the imagination, and pass the bottle this way: you’re in for one helluva ride.

—Don Wentworth, Editor, Lilliput Review

“I finished it during a 3 hour drive to NSW in a work truck… It even kept me off the booze on the way home and thats saying a lot. The disembodied names, the men in the bars i fell id like to drink with, life and death – death on every fucking page. A bastard brain child of Carver and Bukowski, add a blow job from your local brickmaker in the threesome and put all that mouthy, watery, white jizz into a turkey baster; insert into your vagina; shoot a shot and have a pint of lager. Ill be THAT babies godfather cause that little dude is going to be awesome. Massive ups to John for this work, its fucking delightful”

– Ben John Smith, Horror Sleaze Trash.


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