Ben John Smith ~ Neme Quitte Pas

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 13, 2017


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Neme Quitte Pas 

I can see
Kids with fuck all
pushing a shopping trolleys
like go carts,
30 cent Icy poles
on a hot summers day
and in all these times
it all got to
much for me.
I tell her
I’m going to do
A ten day
Meditation retreat,
do you wanna come”
She says,
“What do you have to do?”
I say
“We will Meditate in a temple
for ten days, dude”
What about the cat
Fuck that,
I’m not doing
You can find
God at home
now stop being
so selfish
and water
the garden
And sometimes at night,
or early in the morning
we rub our feet together
an I don’t tell her
we all need secures
but in them moments
I feel like a god,
and the art doesn’t matter,
and money dose t matter.
The only thing that is real
is her feet on mine,
and her head
on the pillow
and the very thought,
that she will always be
my friend and
my lover forever;
and the thought of you not
being around
makes me think about
watching cartoons
as a kid
in front of the heater;
I know that doesn’t
make too much sense
but something so warm,
something so perfectly
that could leave my
life and I would
miss out on its
comfort for
a second time
makes me loose
all my
in god
and the world
that was smart enough to make you,
Perfect enough
to house you
and then take you away.
My love,
My D’Arne.
Thank you
for putting up with me
and letting me
at least some thing

© Ben John Smith 



Ben John Smith is a poet from Australia. He is also the editor in chief of Horror Sleaze Trash. 

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