Book Review: Damned, Dirty And Dangerous by Ben John Smith & John D. Robinson

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 12, 2017

Book Review: Damned, Dirty And Dangerous by Ben John Smith & John D. Robinson


I couldn’t ask for much more out of a chapbook when it features both Ben John Smith and John D. Robinson. These blokes can write! They’ve also been fiercely devoted to the small press scene for years now, publishing a multitude of aspiring poets. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to review their chapbook.

Ben’s poetry has a tendency to transplant the reader into his living room. The man is a damn good host! This epic piece of poetry conveys to me an existential threat. Ben’s older now, living a conventional family life. He speaks of reaching a Rubicon when it comes to marital discord: “I can’t argue any more, so I just get passive aggressive. I used all my good words as a young buck.” Do what you must, Ben. You’ve been with the same woman for years, I commend your efforts! Keep it up and your name will be synonymous with loyalty, devotion, longevity and most significantly love! 

His son has also altered his perception: “My son destroys Origami in quarter of the time it takes me to create it and that to me says something about God.” After the birth of my second son, I actually felt reacquainted with the big man upstairs, but everyone is different. In my opinion, God is poetry.



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