Chris Butler

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 8, 2017

Chris Butler is an anorexic starving artist.



Reckless Abandon


I paper cut webs

between my fingers,

shoot intravenous

ink into my hair

stare at the

epileptic screen forever,

knuckles become

carpel tunneled under


the weight of this page.





Sloppy Seconds


Leftovers never

taste better the day after,

except for Chinese.





The Poet is Dead


Long live the dumb!

The prick crowned king

of the common ignorant

will hang them from


the walls of the kingdom.


With the poet dead,

the king will behead

all that question his

answers of ignorance.


The gallows swallow whole


the exposed necks

of inspiring artists,

until the trap hole opens

only to drop the pen.   





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