Cole Bauer

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 6, 2017

Cole Bauer is a self published and published poet on the west coast. He lives, works, creates, and plays in various places along the Pacific Ocean with his wife and dog. 
There are so
Many shades of
Green everywhere
On top, bottom, and in the distance
I may never use
Another crayon
Or coloring book
Ever again
The hookah is falling apart
Just like my life many times
Except it has a way out
The hose is crumbling
The separate pieces won’t stay together
And because of that the clouds are thin
It shakes when you smoke it
As if its ready to collapse at any second
And it will with it coming apart
Its days are numbered
Like an infected person about to turn
The gun is to its bowl
And I’ll blow it away as I blow the last of the smoke

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