Devlin De La Chapa

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 24, 2011

Devlin De La Chapa is a mother of tweens, who withholds sex from her fiancé, who still takes the time (once a week) to groom her pubis mound all while masturbating to thoughts that would make her father turn in his grave! Yes, she’s a bad girl. But who the fuck cares! She isn’t vying for Miss “Fucking” Congeniality, here! Located in a downtown Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood as sleazy as HST is where the majority of Devlin’s writing takes place. Over the years her work as been showcased in anthologies from pop culture to horror, and have been published in (the late) Mademoiselle and Fangoria magazines. Her work has recently appeared in Orion Headless and The Camel Saloon. Other works are scheduled to appear elsewhere as well as in her own blog publishing journal ttp:// Until then, her next step is to ransom her book deal with Warren Frazier. And last, but not lust, to experience the ultimate cunnilingus. Any takers?


Adam saw Eve

and liked her,

then he kissed her,

he thought he loved her,

because he fucked her,

he proceeded to marry her,

after seven years he left her,

he then divorced her,

and after he charged her,

and won,

Eve smiled,

shoved her decree up Adam’s ass,

and blew his dick off!

“Soulless Summer”

Sticky and hot

and for days on end

the girl sits on the toilet

sticking things up her desecrated hole

prodding, probing, stabbing

to rid the thing baring down on her womb

while laughing at her desperation

ripping at her insides

clawing at her innards

Then, one day,

the thing is set free;

it drops in the toilet

Summer has ended

the toilet bowl flushes

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