Favour Onyeoziri

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 2, 2013


Favour Onyeoziri is an energetic 20-year old who loves to bite more than he can chew. He attempted walking at three months and got a few nice little bumps from the accompanying falls. An ardent lover of poetry and anything literature, he writes for fun and controversy. He hates violence; except with the pen. An Undergraduate of one of Nigeria’s foremost Universities, events around him have shaped his writing, though he fine tunes his works with a word or two of fiction. He would rather use simple four-letter words than some gigantic relic from the forgotten depths of the dictionary.

His works has been published or pending in several literary journals around the world like the blue hour magazine, pyrokinection, Jellyfish whispers, his own blog www.Favour-onye.blogspot.com amidst many others.


Tossed and turns, crescendo crashing down,
The violent noise of a lonely ocean.
Clear and calm, stealthily flowing,
The happy nature of an unrustled stream.

As i stand by the banks, waiting to violate your privacy,
My reflection glints on you, wavering by the small silent dances you make.

As i stand afar-off starring at the boundless limit of your width,
The Sun, already set, showers it’s warmth on you,
And you glowing with it’s radiance, gives it a beautiful
Reflection of it’s handsome self.

As i stand here on the beach, i stare at your limit,
The harder i stare, the higher you went,
Until i saw you merge with the Sun.
Yes, i knew you belonged with the stars, just like the clouds too.




We held hands, fingers tightly interlocked.
Abruptly we stopped, beneath the witness of these trees,
My mouth found yours, my tongue searching yours – we kissed.
I grabbed your butt, holding on to it as i would dear life,
I lifted you, each of your legs across my waist, i was in the middle.
Quick strides got us to the hard back of the innocent tree.

My hard stick, hard, was unleashed on your vegetation,
It found you standing at the door, wet and hungry,
Entering with a start, you shrieked, yes, you shrieked,
As it fed you with liquid white protein, yes.

With the tree already a culprit,
The darkness in the night volunteered to witness our romp,
With the last thrust, i came. Nearer, we interlocked lips,
Starring into your searching eyes, i whispered ‘i love you’,
Then i saw a lightening in your eyes, as it thundered above
And your clouds heaved down shimmery silver, soaking us in joy and gladness.


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