Gareth Clark McKay

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 12, 2017

Gareth Clark McKay is a bitter writer from Brighton, aiming to make the bums of his readers squeak. His most recent (and only) short, ‘Squirm’, was published by Abstract Jam in their fifth issue, which has since gone into hiatus. 



Bloodhound Lust
                     By Gareth Clark Mckay



What sort of man would steal another man’s dog? What kind of disgusting vile parasite would even think of taking a man’s pup, let alone carry the act out?! My wife Helen insists that my boy Rex must have run away after the bloody baby was born but I don’t buy it, it just doesn’t make any sense. Throughout her whole pernicious pregnancy all she ever did was moan, groan and bitch about him; relentlessly attacking me about his odour. Well, what about her aroma, huh? You think it’s nice to wake up to the sound of your once attractive wife to hear and smell her vomiting into a toilet bowl? She must have been sticking her hands downs her throat, I’m sure of it. There’s no way one person can produce that much vomit! Not that she gives a toss now anyway, now she’s finally got what she wants. All she’s done since the baby was born is bark orders at me left, right and centre. She hated my boy Rex, my wonderful, trustworthy dog. She’s been beaming a radiant-like solar glow since he disappeared, whilst I’ve been cut out and cast aside for this bloody baby. And now, she wants to start trying for another one! Right off the bat! It’s only been six or so bloody weeks! I’m exhausted enough as it is, let alone utterly dogless!
   She kept pestering me to get him neutered a few weeks before he vanished as well, the poor bastard. All because she had this ‘feeling’ that his natural impulses posed some kind of threat. As if my dear Rex would ever hurt anyone! Now all I hear each night is: ‘Why don’t you pop down the Man’s Best Friend for a few? Rex might be down there’. So, yet again, here I am, aimlessly moping around with these degenerate nowhere men, on the off chance that Rex might just pop in for a quick pint! I’m sure glad I never took him to the vet to get the snip now though. The only solace I get from his disappearance is the hope that’s he’s out there somewhere, rutting about something silly!  
   It’s this town I tell you, this wretched, scathing, bloodsucking hellhole of a place. It’s so cursed that I wouldn’t be surprised if it gobbled him up into the undergrowth of which it was founded upon!
   “Hair of the dog again Mike? Been seeing you around here a lot lately,” says the barmen. One more little snide underhanded insinuating comment from that loathsome berk and I’ll grab hold of the tongue that is forever flopping out of his mouth and butcher it right off!  

  “Just don’t wanna get your hopes up mate, that’s all. That dog’s been gone for nearly what, a fortnight now? Plus, ain’t you got a newborn to worry about?” says the barmen, plonking down my pint with all the decorum of a junkie in withdrawal.
    It’s not that I do not have affection for my boy, the fleshy human one that is, it’s just difficult for the untrained eye to see how much Rex means to me. He’s the most loyal, loving and devoted creature I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. But this… baby, there’s something so… unnerving about him. It’s got my wife’s self-aggrandizing eyes alright; always watching, staring and judging, hating me already because of my part in his creation. And I’m one hundred percent sure that it never, ever blinks! He– No, no, no! It! He’s not a he, he’s an it, it’s an it, definitely an it alright! It glares at me as if I’m transparent. It’s not my fault Helen demanded that I penetrated her each and every night up until her water finally broke. Why doesn’t it look at her the way it looks at me!? ‘It’ seems to know things about me, somehow. Don’t ask me how I know that, but the feeling is beyond palpable and yes, I know how it sounds, but I’m absolutely, positively, cataclysmically sure of it! I’m disgusted to admit this, but sometimes… just for a second, when I look at its face for just a bit too long… it looks like –Oh God!- It looks like it’s… covered with semen!!! Argh, Christ! I cannot bear this burden! And don’t even get me started with the breast-feeding!
   “Hey Mike,” says the lady whose arse has been sniffed by every poor sap who once chose to frequent this abode.
   “Oh hello… you,” I say, apprehensive of her intentions.
   “You wanna buy a lady a drink?”
   “Yeah sure, where is she?”
   “Oi, you cheeky cu-”
   “I’m just playing with you darling. No, tonight isn’t good. I’m gonna look Rex in a bit.”
   “I dunno why you’re still moping around about that, it’s just a dog.”
   “Especially now he’s got a real son,” chimes in the barmen.
   “Ahh, so the mysterious wife we’ve all heard about but never actually seen has finally given up the goods. Congratulations Mike! I always wanted to have a child myself, but well… it wasn’t meant to be. I am sorry about your dog though. If you ever need someone to talk to, you know where to find me,” she says, making me shudder with a wink. And yes, okay, I admit it, I’ve been there. Only once! And never again! It only happened because for the past bloody year, Helen has managed to turn our sex life into some emasculating reproduction machine. I was dead drunk and the scrubber’s sultry slurs whispered an illicit sexual release. Not just Helen’s: ‘No more masturbating!’, ‘Fill me up properly this time!’, ‘Only in the front hole!’, ‘We have to do it now, now now!’ At this time and on this hour and in this position and then this that and the other, and immediately afterwards you have to hold my legs upwards to give my slow seed a better chance of piercing through your ageing eggs! Well I needed a blow job goddamnit! Guilty as charged! Oh, Christ. The trollop is still giving me the eye. One more for the road and I’m off…
   The streets were dreary, desolate and deprived. Nothing to be found there but the dogged, desperate cries of bulldog-like males and their female counterparts, all howling out their mating cries at one another underneath a full moon. Put them all down I say! I’m sure every evening since Rex disappeared the moon has been full… I’m not sure. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just imagining things…
   Before I left Man’s Best Friend, due to the slag’s crude advances towards me, I threw up in the bathroom what could only be described as a cancerous bile. It hit the base of the bowl with an acid-like singe and oh, the smell! Positively disease-ridden I tell you! There was even specks of blood in it. Argh, doesn’t the world see how I’m dying without my dog?!
    Home was hardly better. Upon arrival my wife insisted on another night of procreation. Three bloody times in one night. She doesn’t even let me warm myself up with a little anal or put her mouth to good use anymore. All she does is lay there like a ragdoll whilst I fiddle myself erect. And of course, It just stares at me, giggling the whole time! Oh! And just for measure, as soon as I climax, the bastard starts wailing for attention again. It’s like he waits for me to feel one tiny ounce of pleasure and then bang, swoop, snatch! Taken away from me in an instant! It’s a thief of intimacy I tell you and I wish it’d never been born! No, I do not mean that… do I?
   Of course, there was no rest for me. All night I tossed and turned with Rex galloping around in the back of my mind, inside a black abyss, cruelly reminding me of his unknown whereabouts. It made today’s search for Rex particularly intolerable. I went to every park we once visited together and in each one I thought I saw him, only to see that it wasn’t him at all. I must be so exhausted that I’m beginning to see things. Then, when I got back home, dog tired from my scentless search around this hellhole, as soon as I sat my sorry arse down, Helen woofed: ‘Why don’t you go down Man’s Best Friend for a few? I’m better with the baby than you are. Every time you get too close to him he bursts out in tears. Go on, shoo! But be ready for another night of action when you get back, I’m ovulating!’
   Charming! So here I am again! Evicted from my own home! My wife pays no attention to me now that It is here, and every time I try and talk to her about it she just switches the subject; sending me out on errands instead, getting me to fetch every little thing that she needs. Well what about me, huh? Don’t I deserve something more than a little pat on the head? She has two other orifices you know! A man’s gotta eat out of a different bowl now and again! I’m sick to death of trotting around with my tail between my legs!
   “Back again, eh’ Mike, how about that drink?” says the tart, barking up the same old bush. It must have been a while since the old mutt got any. She always whips her puppies out after too many rejections. In truth, Lilith ain’t looking too bad tonight; erect nipples, drunken, dilated eyes, eager jaw. Even her name came back to me. This must be a sign. Mmmm… shouldn’t really go there again… should I?  
    Seduced by her cleavage and for the lack of better judgment I indulged her request – a few times in fact – and now, low and behold, we’re back at her place. I’ll be in and out of here in a dash, as soon as I’ve mouthfucked her sober, the skanky little lush. “Don’t unbuckle your belt just yet Mikey. If you want me to suck you off again, you better return the fucking favour this time. In fact, you can do the honours first,” says Lilith, stumbling down over her creaky old bed. “Get on all fours and crawl over here,” she says, spreading her legs wide open. “Turn off the light when you’re ready and take off my panties with your mouth. No hands. I’m waiting Mike.”
    My spine shivered at her slurring request, but anything was better than pumping my dried-up, unfeeling wife. At least I thought so beforehand. Even in the dark it was grim. I don’t know what is wrong with me… but I did it, I caved in! I got on my knees like a little bitch! I tell you, it was so vile, so, so, so disgusting! I’m sure she was on heat as well, the mangy old mare, I’ll be picking out her pubic hair from my teeth for weeks! Sensing my disgust shortly after her climax, she began fellating me as an apology, but due to her ghastly, intoxicated state, she regurgitated when I came in the back of her hoarse throat! To her credit though, she still gulped it all back down, but she could’ve left out the part when she swirled my penis around her vomit-filled mouth, that was just way too much! It seems no matter how many times I soap myself down, the smell just won’t go away. My whole groin feels tainted with masticated pork scratchings, house gin and shepherd’s pie!
   “Hey Mike, are you awake in there? Don’t be such a sensitive little pup, it was only a bit of vomit for christ sake, come out here… I’ve got a little surprise for you.”
   I couldn’t tell you how ominous that sounded to me at the time, but, to my surprise, immediately after opening the bathroom door, this beautiful dog started jumping up at me. It was the first time I’ve smiled since It came into existence. Only when my teary eyes cleared did I fully clock-on to the fact that it wasn’t just any old dog, it was my goddamn dog.
   “Rex?! It is you! Rex, oh my god where have you been boy?”
   “Woof, woof!” he says with dilated eyes, jumping up and down with pure elation, knowing that at last he’s been rescued!
   “Oh I can’t believe it! We’ve finally been reunited! I’ve missed you so much boy, come here! I’m so sorry I lost you, it won’t ever happen again, I promise. Life has been nothing without you!”

   “Mike?” says whatshername as Rex and I share another embrace. “Hate to break this to you, but I’ve had that dog for a few weeks now,” she says, stunning me into sobriety. “He looked demonic when I found him, but it was just his amber eyes under the moonlight. He was in some bin, without a collar or a bone.”
   “Why didn’t you tell me?! You saw how much of a wreck I’ve been this past fortnight! Everyone in the pub knew about it.”
   “Yes. And everyone knew about our first fuck the minute you pulled out of me. You used me Mike. I was starting to have real feelings for you as well, wasn’t I? Only to find out that you not only had a wife but also a baby on the way! After I did all of those disgusting, violating things for you, all for your putrid pleasure!”
   “All right Lilith, I’m so-”
   “Ahh, so now you remember my name!”
   “What do you want me to say?”
   “Nothing Mike. Nothing. I actually just miss you is all. In another life or in different circumstances we could’ve had a family together.”
   “We could’ve done, sure.” In hell maybe.
   “Well, let’s just leave it like that. You’re a lucky man Mike. You’re getting away with murder here. If you want me, I’m yours. There’s just one little thing I’d like from you.”
   “And what’s that?”
   “I can’t have children Mike. I’m barren. Nothing’s ever gonna live inside of me. I just want to know what it feels like to hold a baby, your baby in particular. If you can give me that, even just for an afternoon, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me for as long as you want, or don’t. There’s no need to answer me now, just go home and think about it. Your wife must be getting worried, it’s nearly midnight.”
   Well that sure made the drive back home rough, but at least I have my boy Rex back. He seems a little traumatised but then again, after fulfilling Lilith’s little request, so am I. She’s quite the loyal type though, if not somewhat psychotic. Maybe I will let her take It for a few hours one day, after things settle back down at home. Everything will be alright now Rex is back where he belongs…
   On return from Lilith’s, an overshadowing, ominous feeling took shape inside of me as I approached the front door of my house. It’ll sound odd, but the slicing jingle of my keys seemed to be the only thing making a noise. I looked out into the distance and even though everything was there like it always was, nothing felt concrete or structured or stable. It was just indifferent and lifeless. For a period, it was as if weather had ceased to exist. There was nothing, no wind, no sounds, no atmosphere, nothing. A stillness hung over all before my eyes and the strangest feeling of something, like a watchful presence. Ii looked up at the moon. It seemed to just sit there, with a vermillion circle spiralling around it, murdering the clouds. After looking at it for too long, a sudden, pungent smell of placenta hit my nose. I turned away and held my gaze on Rex, who just sat there, looking ahead without emotion, breathing like he’d just been chasing rabbits. Then Helen opened the door and threw her arms around me. I felt relieved. “Mikey? Guess what?! We’re pregnant again, hubby!” she said, clutching on the swab of another overpriced pregnancy kit. “Oh, look, you found Rex! What a happy day this has turned out to be!”
   “One of the best,” I said, as we embraced, truly believing that things were going to improve from there on out. Until it hit me. If I thought it was bad enough when Helen got pregnant the first time around, what the hell was the second one going to be like? And who the hell is going to take care of It? Me!?
“Oh Mike, I’m so delighted we’re together again. I’m sorry for how everything’s been recently. It’s just the thought of our son growing up all alone really got to me for some reason and… I don’t know, blame it on the hormones. We’re good, aren’t we?”
   “Of course we are, Helen.”
   “You don’t regret marrying me, do you?”
   “Not at all dear. Not at all.”
   Helen smiles at me, almost apologetically. “Good. I’m very glad to hear that Michael. I don’t know what I’d do if I… found out something wasn’t right between us. After all, we’ve built a home together now, haven’t we?”
   “We sure have, Helen. We sure have. Nothing is wrong my dear, quite the contrary. Everything’s coming up roses.”
   “Ah, it’s such a relief to hear you say that. Oh God, I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m sorry.”
   “Don’t be Helen, there’s no need to apologise.”
   “Mike?” she asks, wiping her tears away, regaining her composure.

   “You couldn’t go fetch me some baby oil, could you?”

   It’s been difficult to re-ingratiate Rex back into the family home. I’m beginning to wonder, for some bizarre reason, whether or not he is somewhat jealous of the baby. As if It is comparable to my dog. Rex is fine when it’s just the two of us, which I’m sorry to say is seldom at best.
   Christ, what fresh hell is this now?
   It’s only been a few weeks. How am I meant to survive this? Each day drags in another nuisance before yesterday’s was even close to being resolved. Helen’s constant bemoaning has made my skin come out in a rash. It’s so itchy I want to scratch my own eyes out. How am I meant to undertake another nine months of this?
   “MIKE!!! Get up here! NOW!”
   “What is it now Hell-en?” I ask, stepping into the bathroom. Helen’s on her knees, but not in the manner of which would have once provoked my arousal. She’s vomiting into the toilet bowl again, for the third time this morning. I can feel its residue lingering around in the air, tainting everything with its stale stench of rot and decay, marking its territory. It’s been like this every single day since the second coming began to take shape. There really is no wonder why Rex doesn’t seem the same, he must be suffering something awful with that brilliant nose of his.
   “Take Rex out with you, will you? He’s done nothing but follow me around since he returned, like some leech,” says Helen, spitting out her leftovers into the bowl.
   “Hey, steady on. He’s not doing anything wrong.”
   “Oh no? Look at him.”
   I do as she says. Rex looks up at me, the same way he’s always done.
   “Don’t you see that?”
   “See what?”
   “His glare. He’s not looking at me. He’s looking through me.”
   “You’re just imagining things Helen. Probably because you can’t stop throwing up. I’ll take him down the pub, he hasn’t been there since we got him back.” Which also served as a very convenient excuse for me to completely avoid the place as well.
   “Good. But it’s not just my imagination. He’s even worse with the baby. It’s strange. I thought he would’ve improved after a week or so, but he’s not the same dog as before. Remember what he used to be like?”
   “Of course. I agree that he isn’t quite all there, but he’ll come back to us eventually. How long would it take you to recover from living out of bins for two weeks? Give him a chance.”
   “If memory serves, he started to act strange the moment I gave birth. Don’t you recall that Michael? For weeks he just loitered around our baby, like he was waiting for his moment to pounce.”
   “That’s just your overprotective, maternal nature Helen. Rex wouldn’t do a thing like that. Don’t let your emotions blind you.”
   “Oh, get gone, will you? And bring me back something for my throat, it’s throbbing terribly.”
   “Well, maybe you shouldn’t use it so frequently.”
   Christ, the nerve of this woman. Just because she was once a beautiful young thing, she thinks she can demand anything she likes. She’s not the woman I married. It took care of that alright. He made an abomination out of all of her redeeming attributes and now she’s pregnant again, so that extra layer of fat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Argh, even her lymph nodes seem to be gaining weight…
   “Aye aye, stranger!” says the barmen, whose name I cannot seem to ever recall. “I see you’ve got your dog back. Good for you, Mike! Hello Rex, welcome back boy. Usual mate?”
   “Please yeah and some water for the dog, he’s had an unquenchable thirst since I found him.”
   “Coming right up!”
   Finishing each day at the end of a bottle is beginning to take its toll on my mind, but it’s the only thing that seems to give me any release anymore. Helen has taken on a completely different tact to her last pregnancy – bar the vomit. She was like a rabbit the first time around but this time all I get is: ‘I’m sore!’, ‘Not so rough!’, ‘I know you know where my arsehole is Mike!’ – she won’t let me do anything. I don’t want to sleep with Lilith again, but Helen is giving me very little choice in the matter. I’d be better off if I just got neutered already. Though I’m sure it won’t end this insufferable need to fornicate. At least here, at Man’s Best Friend, I am at peace.
   “Hello Mike, ain’t seen you around these parts for a while. And I should know, I’m here near enough every night.”
   “Oh hey, Lilith. Didn’t notice that you were here.”
   “That’s because I only just arrived, like you Mike. Hello Rex, how’s my favourite little tyke doing?” she says as Rex stands up on her legs.
   “What you drinking?”
   “Oh, how generous of you. I’ll have my usual.”
   She stares into my eyes, expecting her statement to have some sort of meaning to me.
   “A bloody Mary, Mike,” she says, patting Rex back down.
   “You got it.”
   “So what do I owe for the pleasure of your company?” she asks.
   “Helen’s pregnant again.”
   “Oh. Congratulations Mike. Your boys must be sure good swimmers. Helen is one lucky woman.”
   Lilith keeps a close eye on the barmen as he finishes serving us and waits for him to bugger off. She’s a good lass deep down. There is something about her… she’s so much more laid back than my wife. Tis a shame she’s a skank.
   “So Mike, now that we’re all alone. Have you thought about my proposal? I presume now that Helen is back in the pudding club you could do with some relaxing help, if you know what I mean. What do you say, would you care to throw this gal a bone sometime soon?”
   “That would depend. Is the tail wagging the dog?”
   “It certainly seems that way to me, Mike. But I’ll have to give you thorough, rigorous check-up first just to be sure. Nurse Lilith, at your service.”
   “You deserve more from this life, Lilith.”
   “And what about my other little request?” 
   “What other request?”
   “You know, the baby one.” 
   “Oh. You were serious about that?”
   “Deadly, Michael.”
   “Fair enough. Actually, this Friday might work out well for you. Helen’s going to the doctors for a check-up, so if you want to look after him for a while, he’s all yours.”
   “Great. I’ll see you then. But let’s not waste any further time talking. I’ll leave here after this drink and you’ll follow behind me like a slave to his master,” she says. Lilith picks up her glass and gulps the entire drink down in one go. “Wait for five minutes.” She wipes her lips dry with the back of her hand and walks out of here like we mean absolutely nothing to each other. She sure saw this sucker coming, I’m salivating more than Rex already… 
   Having a bit on the side certainly makes my marriage more bearable. Every man should have a mistress. Lilith seems to have taken away the annoying, tinnitus-like ringing behind every word Helen utters. In fact, the last few days have been a dream. This ‘family man’ stuff is a puppy’s first walk in a park! It’s great! Helen stresses me out up until the point that I’m going to explode and the ever-eager Lilith takes on the full load with her mouth wide open. God bless all barren women, for they truly learn how to fuck! 
   “‘Ere you are Mike,” says the barmen, placing down my third pint of the afternoon. It is with Lilith and Helen is at the doctor’s. This is the first time I’ve been alone with Rex again in about nine months. A man alone with his dog, the way things are meant to be.
   “Cheers Rex,” I say, making a toast to the two of us.
   “Mike,” says the barmen. “Phone call for you.”
   “Oh Christ, let me guess, it’s my wife?”
   “No. Some bloke. Said it’s important. Sounds personal, so I didn’t ask,” he says, handing over the phone.
   “Am I speaking to Michael, the husband of Mrs. Mallory?”
   “This is he. Who am I speaking to?”
   “This is Doctor Tolbert. Your wife requested that I call you.”
   “Where’s Tom? Urm, I mean, my wife normally sees Dr. Tom-”
   “He referred your wife to me.”   
   “Oh. Is there a problem?”
   “No, no, nothing to worry about. It’s all standard procedure. Better safe than sorry stuff really. I’ve sent your wife to the hospital at once for a full, routine check-up.”
   “It’s too soon to say at the moment. I just noticed a few potential irregularities. Your wife complained of a few conditions which sound similar to the flu, but I’ve sent her to the hospital just to be safe. She may have to stay overnight.”
   “I’m on my way right now. I assume it’s the main hospital, up Queen’s Road?”
   “That’s correct, yes.”
   “Okay, thank you doctor. Oh, one question. Can I bring my dog into the hospital? I know it sounds strange, but I lost him recently and really don’t want him out of my sight again, just in case.”
   “I’m sorry Mr. Mallory, the hospital has strict rules against such things. I’m afraid you’ll have to make other arrangements.”
   “Alright fine, I’ll work something out. Thanks for the call.”
   “Mr. Mallory?”
   “I think you should come in for a check-up soon as well, just to be safe.”
   “Why do think that?”
   “I cannot say over the phone, Mr. Mallory.”
   “Do you think I gave her… do you think I have this ‘something’ as well?”

   “Again, I cannot say over the phone.”
   “Oh, bollocks to that. Elaborate man! We’re adults here, aren’t we? Just give it to me straight doctor. I’m a big boy.”
   “I’m sorry, Mr. Mallory. I cannot say.”
   “Oh, come on! This is farcical!”
   “Goodbye Mr. Mallory.”
   “Fucking tell me right now! Doctor? Doctor!?
   The coward hung up! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What should I do?! Okay, think Michael, think. I’ve got to get to the hospital as quick as possible, but I’m not leaving Rex alone anywhere. Lilith! Of course! How could I be so blind?! Come here boy, let’s get moving!
   Wow, I’ve never seen Lilith glow like that before. She almost looked like a real woman with It cradled in her arms. Even the baby looked happy for a change. And Rex! He looked ecstatic to be back there with her. I wonder if she can cook. Life would certainly be easier with her. Lilith would be more than happy to look after It all day and then see to me all night long… Mind you, Helen used to do everything I wanted until she got a ring on her finger. The ulterior motives of women, eh’? That’s strange. The weather has stopped again. Probably just the alcohol or something. God, it feels like I only just left this bloody hospital. Helen was in labour for thirty-six goddamn hours last time. The mere memory of it makes me shudder. Hopefully she’ll have to spend the night though. I could do with another evening at the end of Lilith’s lubricated lips…        
   That woman has sure got a lot to answer for, let me tell you! Helen miscarried on her way to the hospital and when I got there, she flat out refused to see me! I waited there for hours, only for a fucking nurse to tell me to leave as I – as she put it – was, ‘taking up unnecessary space’! The bloody cheek of it! All of them in there kept throwing me their filthy-eyed looks every time they walked by. I nearly punched the woman at the reception desk as well, the cold-hearted cunt. She wouldn’t answer any of my questions at all. Not one inkling of human decency in that one! I was pulling my hair out!
   Right, time for me to get to the bottom of this!
   “LILITH!!!” I scream at the house, slamming the car door shut behind me. Her front door is ajar. Is she expecting me? Alright, Mike, calm yourself down. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this. No need to panic just yet. I nudge the door open and step inside.
   “Lilith?” I say, locking the door behind me. There’s nobody here. “Rex?” No response. I’m sure I can hear him breathing upstairs. He sounds like he’s been feasting.
   Christ, it’s freezing in this place. My breath leaves a trail behind me as I head up the stairs to Lilith’s bedroom, the bane of my whole existence. I can hear her giggling, though it doesn’t really sound like her.
   “Lilith, is that you?” I ask, tentatively pushing the door open. She’s sitting on the bed at an angle in her dressing gown, putting on white make-up like a Geisha. “Lilith? Are you okay?”
   “Ahh, the guest of honour is here. I’ve been expecting you, Michael,” she says, looking at me through the mirror of her cosmetic powder box. In the light, clouds of dust waft around her face as she pats her cheeks in an almost ritualistic rhythm. 
   “Where’s Rex?” I ask.
   Inside the mirror, she continues to glare at me, then suddenly clamps it shut and shifts her body around, facing me. She lifts up her arm, like it belongs to another being, and points towards the next room. There’s blood on her hand. She stares at my groin and licks her lips. I take a step back. She bites down hard on her bottom lip, piercing the skin until a teardrop of blood seeps out. Another step back. With her finger, she paints her lips with the blood. I’m fucking shaking with fear, yet beginning to get hard.
   “Peek-a-boo, I see you, Mikey. Come here already, I’ve been aching to feel you all day.”
   “Oh, fucking hell Lilith, you’re scaring me. What have you done!? Why is my wife refusing to see me?”
   “Men get all the pleasure. Women get all the pain.”
   “Alright Lilith, this was a mistake. Where’s my dog and It- I mean, where’s the baby?”
   “I told you. In there.” she says, pointing again. “But come here first Mike, you need a little check-up.” Lilith untangles the tassels of her dressing gown. She’s wearing a nurse outfit. A very, sexy one. Her breasts are pushed up to the heavens. She looks magnificent. I can’t believe I’m still tempted by her!   
   She continues sitting there though, glaring into my nothingness. I step back until I’m out of the room. The same, ominous feeling from before invades my being as I head for the room a few foot down the corridor. I never knew this room even existed before. It looks like a neglected closet from the outside. I turn the handle and with a sudden gust of wind it swings open and crashes against the wall. A cold sweat seeps out over my entire body. The room is coated in dust, with cobwebs in the corners and broken baby toys on the floor. In the middle sits a single crib, painted black, covered by a single bedsheet. It’s a nursery for a child that was never born. There’s more drops of blood trailing across the carpet. With my leg shaking and my stomach churning, I carefully approach it, terrified of what lies underneath the sheet, but unable to stop myself from looking. Slowly, I began to uncover the cot. The smell hits me too fast though, making me gag.
   “Peek-a-boo, I see you, Mikey.”
   “Argghh!! Fucking hell, Lilith. Just stop it, alright! It’s not funny anymore, stop acting like a freak.
   “Go ahead, Michael. Take a look at what we made together,” she says, standing between the doorway. She’s holding a syringe! And her legs! There’s huge patches of blood across her upper thighs and suspenders!
   “Go on, don’t be shy. Have a little looksie,” she says.
   My bowels are convulsing. I’m scared to look away from her but her eyes are fixated on the crib. Eventually, my gaze is slowly drawn to it as well. “Go ahead Michael, look at our creation.” My head shakes frantically, my eyes are slicing out supersonic images! I lean my hand on the crib and look over the edge of the crib to see… the baby… the baby has… no face… it’s been… eaten. No eyes. No mouth. No nose. Just blood, flesh and bile. It’s been entirely eaten off! I fall down to my knees as projectile vomit shoots out of me, all over the carpet floor. Lilith starts laughing at me, a cackling, tormented laugh. A stream of blood runs down her leg. I can see Rex behind her in the distance, creeping towards us. Droplets of blood hit his face as he crawls under the upside-down V-shape of Lilith’s open legs. One side of his lip is quivering, like a dying wasp. Lilith keeps on laughing, pointing at my groin. “Unbuckle your belt Mikey, whip your monster out. You never asked me why I preferred fooling around in the dark. I bet you thought it was because I was self-conscious of my body, right? Like a typical woman, correct? Well, in a way that’s true. You want to see me now, in the light?” she says. A blade of light suddenly beams through the window and moves up her legs as she rips off the suspender straps and unveils herself to me. She’s shaved herself, or more, slashed herself. There’s deep gashes and cuts, along with warts and bubonic blisters covering her entire genital area, which look like they’re breathing. Rex is foaming at the mouth, growling at me like I’m diseased! This can’t be happening! Both him and Lilith start prowling towards me. I’m paralysed with fear and soaking wet!
   “Oh no, Mikey had a little accident. Take off those soiled trousers of yours you filthy boy. Let’s have some fun.”
   Rex hurls himself at me. I protect my face, but he’s going for my groin! He bites down hard. I feel his teeth sinking into my shaft. I try to punch him off, but he won’t budge! Lilith kicks me in the face, sending me flying backwards. My head crashes against the floor. She sticks the needle in me! Rex is gnawing on my foot. I go to kick him, but I can’t move! All of my muscles are tightening shut! Lilith laughs once more and stands over me. Slowly, starts to squat down! As she gets closer and closer, her blisters hiss and pop over my face, spitting out into my eyes and mouth. She falls down to her knees and clamps her thighs around my head. Oh God, the taste! She hasn’t washed since last night! I’m eating my own bloodstained semen! My body betrays me, making me throw up again. Lilith pushes down even harder, making my jaw lock, forcing me to swallow it back down. I heave it back up. Some if it bursts out and covers my eyes with blood. Lilith grabs my hair and thumps my head onto the floor. Again and again and again. She’s riding my face! I can’t breathe! I’m drowning in her blood! She spins around my face and starts unbuttoning my fly! Rex breathes in waiting. Fucking hell, how have I got an erection? My balls are exposed. My cock is the only thing I can feel in my whole body! Rex begins snarling, like he’s been waiting for this his entire life. “One,” says Lilith, scratching my balls. He’s going to castrate me, I can feel it. “Two,” she laughs, now violently pumping me away. Oh fuck, it’s coming… he’s sniffing… I can feel his saliva falling from his tongue… his jaw is wide open… ”THREE!” Oh God, HERE IT COMES!!!


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