Henri Plonk

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 16, 2013


My name is Henri Plonk. Its French and pounced On-ree. I find the idea of a bio very unnerving as i feel i am not whats important as much as it is my work. Everything you need to know about me is in there, with the lines of my poetry and prose. I believe that life is about trading off one institution for another. Work is an institution, along with art, religion, women, money, sport. Even freedom is not with out its trappings. I’m just yet to find an institution that works for me. I am lost.


“I do not have a body”


I’ve had my nose up so many different

Writers ass’s for so long

I have forgotten what they look like


I’m just looking for a father figure

Because my real dad is so drunk most

Of the time he cant remember what

He called me

But that’s alright

I guess he is just dealing with

What ever it was his father did to him


i just got of a big Russian kick

And now I’m on some of the french


I keep coming to the same thing

Time and time again

“i do not have a body, i am my body”


So i look down at my 8st 5ft ten” frame

My skin the gray color of a

Battery farmed Chicken

My bones sticking out like sticks

Wrapped in bacon

I look down at this mess and wonder

“what the fuck am i supposed to

Do with this?”


I feel like one of those old guys that

Fills their bin so high with rubbish

The trash men wont take it away

So he just sits there

With it rotting and stinking

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