Horror Sleaze Trash: Prose in Poor Taste

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 29, 2017

Horror Sleaze Trash: Prose in Poor Taste

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by Arthur Graham (Goodreads Author), Steven Storrie, Jeff O’Brien, Alfonso Mango, Misty Rampart, Matthew Borczon, Mather Schneider (Goodreads Author), Melanie Brown , Brian Rosenberger (Goodreads Author), Steven Eggleton (Goodreads Author), Judson Michael Agla, Ben John Smith (Goodreads Author), Paul Heatley, Jimmy Beard, Tami Richardson, Adam Hazell, Kurt Eisenlohr, Elliot Ross, Sam J. Drane, Matt Hutchison, Chelsea Martin (Goodreads Author), Andrew Hilbert (Goodreads Author), Mathias Nelson, Jenny Catlin, A. Lynn Blumer (Goodreads Author), Leo X. Robertson (Goodreads Author), Bud Smith, Joseph Farley, John D. Robinson, Tom Leins, Karina Bush (Goodreads Author), Douglas Hackle (Goodreads Author), Cal Marcius, Stephen McQuiggan (Goodreads Author), Brenton Booth, Michael Marrotti, Frank Greasestain, Robert Vogt (Goodreads Author), Jon Konrath (Goodreads Author), Brendon Lampe, Kurt Nimmo, Alex S. Johnson (Goodreads Author), David P. Bates, Ben Newell, Justin Grimbol (Goodreads Author), Fiona Helmsley (Goodreads Author), Kyle Kouri, Christine Stoddard (Goodreads Author), Zoltan Komor (Goodreads Author), Ian Shearer, Steve Slavin …less


“HST isn’t run with any real sense of consistency or urgency. Or professionalism for that fucking matter. It’s run from the oddity-crowded spare room in a house in Westmeadows, Melbourne. It’s ran with a screaming one year old running down the hallway banging on a pot lid with a wooden spoon. It’s ran in conjunction with a full-time job as a sandblaster with a mortgage. It’s patched together with saliva and claret.

It’s ran by all the aforementioned things and then it’s not.

The reasons why HST has had its longevity, credibility, and staunch loyal supporters is because of the quality of its contributors. It’s really fueled by the readers and the writers of the literary fringe. It’s said often among wanky community types that a team is like “family.” HST is a family, but its parents are divorced, none of the kids talk to each other, its aunties and uncles are cult leaders living in bunkers wearing tinfoil hats, and the cousins are all queers, queens, and communists.

It’s a broken family – but it sure rocks a mean fucking online zine, amirite?

HST is a pure facilitation of freedom. Write what you want, how you want – and HST will put that motherfuckin’ shit out there.

I’ve had people contact me saying, “thanks for accepting my work, it means a great deal to me,” and I appreciate that kind of feedback, but… are you fucking kidding me?

Thanks for fucking sending me this shit! Thanks for thinking highly enough of our little fucking broken family to want your shit on our site! Don’t thank us, the pleasure is OURS. Too many websites and publication companies got the whole fucking ballgame wrong if you’re asking me.

I don’t see how anyone has the right to tell anyone their work isn’t worthy of publication, isn’t worthy of having an audience. FUCK THEM PEOPLE.

Make the press work for you. YOU are the only fucking reason our press survives.


So, with all my bursting black heart – my most sincerest admiration, appreciation, and gratitude to all the wonderful writers who have sent in their work over the years. Keep it coming thick and fast; you guys are fucking rock and roll.”


Editor in Unison,

Ben John Smith



“When I first started editing HST Quarterly, our ongoing poetry zine, I remember thinking, “Man, wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same shit with all the prose that’s been posted over the years?” But the task always seemed too daunting; there was simply too much of it to wade through.

Now, after months and months of reading and editing, narrowing down my selections from nearly ONE THOUSAND PAGES worth of material, I can see why I was initially put off by the task. Still, looking back, I’m glad I saw things through to fruition, as this is one hell of a collection you are now holding in your hands.

To echo Ben’s sentiments, HST has always been and will always be for the misfits. It has always been a place for the writers and the stories shunned by publishers of the bland and inoffensive. Just because your work doesn’t sell in airports or big-box stores, or just because it gets rejected by “serious” journals or outfits in desperate need of their ad revenue, that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good, or that there’s no audience for it out there.

All it means is that you need to start sending more of your shit our way, because we fucking love it.

There’s a lot of good variety to be found between these covers, including various shades or horror, sleaze, and trash, but as promised by the subtitle, I’d say it all falls under the broader category of “Prose in Poor Taste”. Seven years worth of it, to boot.

In most cases, I’ve tried to keep my edits to a minimum. Should you happen to be a contributor and should you happen to disagree, I’ll either buy you a drink or let you punch me in the face if we ever chance to meet, perhaps even both if I think you’re sexy off-paper as well.”



Editor in Unison,

Arthur Graham



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