Jack Moody

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 9, 2017




We were about a gram in

the car smelled like cigarettes and pussy

we were parked outside a closed down high school and

chris was talking about sexuality;

about how people are scared to be open-minded

because of cultural walls built decades ago


“girls do it all the time, right?”


another line of coke had disappeared up his nostril


“why don’t guy friends kiss?

like, we’re close,

aren’t we, Jack?”


I inhaled my own line,

coughed and

swallowed the drip


“dude, I’m just gonna stop you right there.”


he was always trying to do shit like this when we got high


“look, you need to hear me out.

lemme ask you this.

have you ever tried to jerk off to gay porn

just to see if


you’ve been gay

this whole time?

I mean,

how else can you




being a man of reason and the scientific method,

I couldn’t really argue with the logic but said,


“I just know.

how do geese know to fly south in the winter?

same way I know to put my dick in a pussy

and not an asshole.”


chris lit a cigarette and

cracked the driver’s side window


“but haven’t you ever wondered if

you missed out on something?

like another side of life?”


I looked at him for quite a long time.


“no christopher.

no I haven’t.”


chris paused for a second and

his eyes drifted off to a corner of the windshield


“okay, what about a devil’s threesome?”


“devil’s threesome?”


“two guys with a girl.”


“jesus man, if you wanna fuck me,

just say it. I’ll let you down easy,

I promise.”


“no man, I’m just trying to get you to think

critically; question what you thought

was obvious before.”


“okay, watch me question it……..



chris poured out the last of the powder in the bag

and chopped it into two lines

with a gift card to jc penny

we both snorted our lines

with a shared five dollar bill


“look, I’m gonna kiss you,”

chris said,

“and you’re gonna be

okay with it, alright?”


before I could answer,

his lips were on mine and

I could feel the dried skin

and three day-old stubble pressed against me


I pulled away

and punched him in the face


“what the fuck, man?”


he recoiled and cackled, and

I cracked the passenger window

and spit onto the sidewalk



WAS THAT?” he screamed.


his nose was bleeding.

I hit him again and

he hit me back

and both our noses were bleeding.

I took a cigarette from him and lit it

and we were both laughing

and I felt free


I didn’t

tell him.



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