James Gerrard

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 7, 2011

*words and photography by James Gerrard, my mother fucking brother and partner in crime over at The Truth.


I spend the afternoon
looking at sex toys on the internet
wishing that I could live in a world
where nothing else mattered but intercourse.

I have to wash my work clothes
but I can’t be fucked,

I just want to masturbate endlessly
to girls who lick out arseholes as if
they actually enjoy the taste of the tang.

Three hours pass
and the codeine wears off,
and I think about my girlfriend
and guilt washes over me.

I should be looking for a better paid job
so we can get out of this shit hole.

Instead I pop another pill
and continue the perpetual search
for the perfect sexual aid.

But in all this mania at least I’m thinking
about her right?

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