Jimmy Beard

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 17, 2013

I’ve been writing dark and incredibly fucked up short stories since 4th grade.  That year my teacher marched me down to the school shrink after reading a short story I wrote for class mimicking Edgar Alan Poe’s the Tell Tale Heart.  I was told that nice and decent people didn’t write stories like that, and was then shown a story about happy ponies in a sunny meadow that another student wrote.  My thinking at the time (and still today), is that was the fucked up story.

Motherfucking Zombies

            The rotting bastards broke holes in the door as I was finally fucking Cindy Martin. She always told me she wouldn’t fuck me even if I was the last guy on Earth.  Well, saving her from those flesh eating assholes must have counted for something.  She took me into the back room of the safe house and climbed me like a jungle gym.

She was rocking on my hard member, full tits bouncing with her every move, when I heard the first shouts from the front room.  I could hear thumps against the barricade we had set up.  The undead moans mixed with the moans uttered by Cindy who wasn’t stopping for anything.

The first shot gun blast was deafening in the small room.  Cindy cried out, but it wasn’t with surprise.  “Die you shambling fucks.”  Blood and gray rotted flesh splattered across the floor.  I shifted slightly so that I could see the door.  Several grey, pealing arms reached through holes.  Several of the hands had a fat girl by the hair.

“Don’t,” Cindy breathed, “not yet.”  Her tits continued their wonderful swaying.  To slow myself, I divided my attention between her full firm flesh mounds and the fat girl whose face was beginning to separate from her skull.  Her screams took on a high pitched, desperate sound.

Another shot gun blast rang through the room.  A pair of undead hands vanished from the hole in a spray of black blood.  Unfortunately for the fat girl, it wasn’t enough.  More festering fingers dug in.  With a ripping sound I could hear over Cindy’s wet slapping, the fat girl’s face tore away.  Her teeth and tongue spilled out onto her chest amid splashing blood.  One eyeball dangled from a ragged nerve.  Her hands continued beating at the hands firmly attached to the bloody mound that once was her head.  More hands shot through the hole, grabbing the fat girl by the neck and shoulders.  Those trying to help her stepped back, staring at the mess she had become.

Cindy placed her hands on my chest and pushed down on me.  She rode me harder.  I put my hands on her tits, feeling their weight shift with her every movement.  I had never known sex could feel like this.  “Oh, God, fuck yeah,” Cindy moaned at me.  “If I had known, I woulda fucked you a long time ago.”

At the door, the fat girl’s ruined head made frantic gurgling noises as the zombie hands began to sink into the ample skin of her shoulders and chest.  The gurgles grew more frequent as the hands began to tear away hunks of flesh. A large chunk of skin and muscle was torn away, leaving the gristle covered collar bone exposed.  Another hand found her flabby tit and pulled.  The skin came away in a jagged strip which looked like a gory carpet sample.  Stark white rib bones poked through the remaining globs of fat and stringy muscle.  The other survivors stepped further away, leaving what remained of the fat girl to the zombies.

Cindy sat up.  She placed my hands on her hips.  “Fuck me harder,” she demanded through clenched teeth.  She began fingering her pussy with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other.  Her firm ass flexed every time she pushed forward.  With every thrust from her, I pushed my hips up, meeting her with everything I had.  I couldn’t believe how deep I was, and in Cindy Martin too.

Several zombie fingers wrapped themselves in the fat girl’s ribs.  Two more sets of hands clawed at her right arm.  With a loud cracking sound, the ribs broke away from her body.  Her heart and one lung tore away with the jagged upper half of the rib cage.  The remaining lung dangled from a ruined bronchial tube.  Her right arm disappeared through the hole and the left one fell to the floor.  There were more ripping sounds and the rest of her torso was torn away.

Cindy humped me harder and faster.  Her cries of desire mixed with the cries of horror from the other survivors.  He finger moved with lightening speed against her pussy.  Every thrust pounded me further into her.  Cindy’s eyes rolled up in her head, it had been building up for both of us, and now nothing could hold it back.

The bottom half of the fat girl’s body fell.  Her intestines spilled onto the floor in a grey heap.  A groping zombie hand reached through a hole at the bottom of the doo and found one frayed end.  With a whooshing sound, the intestines started unraveling through a hole in the door.

With a muscle clenching, teeth grinding, eyeball popping climax, I came deep inside Cindy.  She cried out with the other survivors.

The fat girl’s thick legs kicked out the last of their life.  Two or three unidentifiable organs quivered in a spreading pile of blood, piss, and shit.  Those motherfucking zombies shambled away, eating what they could of the fat girl.  She had filled them up, slaking their hunger, for the time being.

Cindy fell against me, the last of her come tricking out and running down me.  Her firm, sweaty body trembled against me.  The sex I had given her had satisfied her lust, for the time being.

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