John Yohe

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 5, 2013

At colorado river

Born in Puerto Rico, John Yohe grew up in Michigan, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, runner/busboy, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, as well as a teacher of writing. He has lived in Mexico, Spain, France, and traveled to six continents. A complete list of his publications, and poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing samples, can be found at his website:


The Horse


After midnight
in a large mexican border town
in the back room of a bar
down a sidestreet
away from the tourists
and buyers of cheap pharmaceuticals
men gather
to watch a woman suck a horse
most of the men are white
some mexican
(friends of the owners
or else rich enough)
the woman beautiful
in the way mexican woman are
the horse shiny and black standing in the center.
and the woman knows what to do:
already naked
she kneels
and the men start to murmur
some whispering to friends
some just whispering
zippers unzipping
hands disappearing into pockets
(some just watch and remember it later
for the rest of their lives)
because the woman is good enough
or is it real
to make it seem real
the look in the eyes
of worship
and the horse just standing still
twitching its legs
the wet sound
and the cock bigger than anything
balls holding more than anything
with their overflowing finish
and more murmuring
nervous laughter
some smaller finishes and last looks
as the woman stands
and walks away
and a man comes for the horse with a rope




Put your coins in the slot and the panel rises:
a man and woman naked on a revolving stage
the man pale and skinny but with enormous cock
pistoning on his side between her spread legs
her dark belly and breasts flopping with gravity
she could weigh twice as much as him
her expressionless moans loud through the glass
you ask yourself how can he stay hard like that
how do they not get sick fucking in circles
so when your time runs out and the panel drops
you feel relieved and leave out to the streets
of what could be any large European city
but happens to be Madrid that night and
go back to the hotel with the voice of the woman
                                    repeating in your head


He comes here almost every night to watch


He comes here almost every night to watch
the dancer girls in their florescent pink
and white thong panties
                                      high heels to match
who dance to different kids of music in
succession on the stage and walk between
the men out on the floor so close that you
can smell their hair as they go by and then
for only five small dollars they will do
        squirming on your lap and brushing their
warm breasts against your face and some might smile
and so he spends the money that he would
have spent if he had had a girlfriend or
a wife and kids and dog and mortgage while
he smells their skin and feels their heat and could
almost touch them could almost kiss them and
he always says thank you before they leave

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