Johnny Scarlotti

by Arthur Graham on November 11, 2017

yeahyeah ur problems may suck a lot but it could be much worse at least ur not a self published poet holy shit amirite

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new girl

i get down on my hands and knees and start licking her
then sucking on her clit
she moans

and grabs my hair
and says yeah
and i keep sucking
and it feels like her clit is growing it’s like an inch long now

and i’m sucking
and she’s pulling my hair
and pushing me into her and thrusting and it’s 2 inches and getting real stiff now it’s 3 inches
what the fuck is going on
it’s like 4 inches now
and i’m gagging
and she’s saying fuck yeah bitch
fuck yeah
and she’s saying
i’m about to cum
and i’m choking
and she’s saying
almost there don’t stop
and then i can feel it warm
shooting down my throat
and i open my eyes
and i’m crying and spitting and gasping and she’s saying
yeah bitch
and i’m like what the fuck was that
and she says
and i say
are you a dude?
and she says

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