Joshua Dobson

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 27, 2013

Joshua Dobson likes to make his own fun, some of which may be seen at


a deranged kung fu expert

whipped out his sex part

in the K-Mart


the children in the ball pit saw it

and told the police sketch artist

how to draw it


the martial arts genius

tugged on his penis

with furious extremeness


he was so rough

the skin started to slough

the cap started to doff

then the whole thing ripped off


it flew threw the air like a rocket

the unhinged ninja caught it

and stuck it in his pocket

perhaps to keep in a locket



Six Wee Poems.



a queef is a sneeze

from where a lady pees

if it happens superstition decrees

you give her tits a squeeze

and say “skweegok” please

lest her soul flees

on the sleazy breaze

from between her knees



the hare-lipped whore with a herpes sore

who licks the fruit in the grocery store

choked to death on an apple core


the rapist with rabies

who spits in the gravies

was torn asunder by a mob of crazies


the crazy guy with the lazy eye

who caresses the pies

died after being bitten by a fly



Polio Shirt

on account of the iron lung

i can’t do nuthin’ down south

but i still got a workin’ tongue

and love sperm in my mouth



The Alligator Masturbator

kinda hard to play rock paper scissors

when most a yer fingers is in a gator’s gizzard

the alligator masturbator nervously fidgets

he’ll lose his job if he loses any more digits

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