Joshua Dobson

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 6, 2012

Joshua Dobson likes to make his own fun some of which may be seen at


Well hung black studs hang out

in the parking lot

across the street from the adult bookstore.

Pickup trucks pull up

and drive away seconds later,

their beds full of black studs.

In sleazy motel beds down by the highway,

caucasian pickup truck drivers

pay black parking lot studs minimum wage

to gangbang their wives.



the raper with a condom made of sandpaper

is planning a wickedly gruesome caper.

he’s built a Rube Goldberg device

baited w/ drugs to entice

a whore into the snare

whereby she’ll be flung through the air.

a big pneumatic hose

will suck off all her clothes.

below the window,

out of which she will go,

he waits patiently in his station

proud of his new innovation

felonious penetration

by way of defenestration

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