Julie Casey

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 12, 2016

Julie Casey is an American writer hailing from the midwestern city of Bloomington Illinois. Born June 12, 1968, she is the youngest of eight children. Julie is also a devoted mother and grandmother herself. She has been writing poetry for nearly four decades. Recently she has decided to delve into the erotica genre of her creative outlet, and with that, has found an immense degree of satisfaction with the transition into the more deviant aspects of her art. She has had her work featured in Little Raven Publishing*, Rebel Society*, and also has impending work to be featured in The Pleasure Loft Fall Edition*. With the support of fellow writers, along with family and friends, she has finally made the courageous leap to share her poetry with the rest of the world.





I like to be spanked.

I like the initial sting and the residual tingles.


I like the way it makes my mind race.

I like how pleasure and pain can mesh into

something so sadistically erotic.


I like how it makes the person slapping my

ass feel they are in control, and I like how

filthy it makes me feel.


I like the welts and bruises.

I like how they can make me wet as I stare

at my naked ass in the mirror admiring the

evidence of a good fucking.


I like everything about being spanked.

It makes me forget about love and all

the romantic bullshit that comes with it..



The Dinner

Unfaltering expectations of a night filled

with perverse passion and titillating pain-

A salacious game of cat and mouse so

uncouth it was surely dripping of shame.


A curious hand wanders under a table as an

unsuspecting waiter fills her glass with wine-

Her hands clinching onto the hem of her skirt

as she softly moans like an aroused feline.


She tries to regain her composure, as he sits back

sporting a devilish grin licking the tips of his fingers-

Then leaning over to pull her mouth closer so she

too can enjoy the last drops of her that still linger.


Gently tugging on her hair to keep her lips latched

to his, she quickly realizes she is his submissive.

Her mind begins to race with thoughts of what’s to

come when just a simple dinner had turned so illicit.



In The Dark

And there she stood completely silent in the middle of the

empty room wearing absolutely nothing but a blindfold.


Demanding she stay perfectly still, he strokes her breasts

with his moistened fingertips, then downward to delve

them inside her threshold.


His other hand wrapped around her pulsating throat

gently squeezing each time she squirms as he plunges

deeper and deeper, over and over.


Suddenly her body begins to tremble and her silence Is

disrupted by her insatiable moans, he has forced her to

lose every ounce of  composure.




She could not sleep because her thoughts were consumed by him…

The taste of his lips, the sound of his voice, the smell of his skin.


She wondered if he laid in his bed like her craving as much…

Drifting into fantasies that seemed so real she could feel his touch.


Slight moans echoing through the dark room as she lay alone…

Then silence as she looks across the empty bed where her panties

had  been strewn.


Quickly closing her eyes in the hopes she could once again

see his face…

And  feel the sensation that engulfs every inch of her

body with the warmest embrace.


She reminds herself, be patient, for someday all of this will be

worth the while…

Then serenely drifts off into her slumber wearing an almost

deviant smile.



Sexual Labyrinth

Both were certain this was their Sexual Labyrinth indeed-

Agreeing to seek another to intensify their salacious needs.


A  wickedly delicious plan to quench  their deviant thirsts.

.It was a proposition that had seemed so beautifully perverse.


In a drunken lust-filled haze they began searching for their muse-

They hoped she would be willing to participate in their filthy ruse.


There stood a beautiful raven-haired beauty, lips of cherry red-

They hoped she would be the one to come join them in their bed.


It was a mutual attraction, she seemed eager of the proposition-

Without hesitation they head home to delve into their expedition.

They walk into the bedroom leaving all of their inhibitions behind.


The sheer anticipation of what is about to occur is deliciously sublime.

She slowly undresses her new temptress as she kisses her naked flesh-


Slight moans as she uses the tip of her wet tongue to tickle her breasts.

He stands in the doorway watching, it satisfies his voyeuristic addiction-


They have no idea that their sensual exploration has his full attention.

Positioned on the bed in a way they can both indulge In one another-


He strokes his hardened shaft as he watches her fucking his lover.

She raises her head, then glancing over at him smiling as if to tease

He realizes it was an invitation, it was now his turn for them to please.


His lover pushes him onto his back, mounting him like a majestic throne-

The utter delight in the filth of it all is heard in their lustful echoing moans.


The new compeer then straddles his mouth, as he relishes in her flavor-

Indeed, this Sexual Labyrinth, is something they both will forever savor.



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