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by horrorsleazetrash on September 20, 2010

Kerouac’s Dog Magazine is an Independently published quarterly, inspired by American writer, Jack Kerouac and the 1950s Beat generation.

It’s a bold and exciting platform for new writing, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, and creativity in general. Bound together with overarching themes of freedom; truth; beauty; love; travel; wanderlust; sex; taboo; and fringe.

It’s an opportunity for established and aspiring creatives of all disciplines, from all over the world, to exhibit their work in something beautiful and tangible.

It’s a place to be published and be seen, and won’t exist in any other format.

KD Editor: I wanted to create a magazine that was truly independent. No advertising, just pure creativity, with a free-thinking, underground-press feel. I wanted to give people the opportunity to exhibit their work – be that writing, design, illustration, photography, whatever – to a wider audience, and at the same time, pay homage to the philosophy of the Beat Generation

We’re generally pretty open to anything and everything, we try and be as receptive as possible to all the submissions we receive. I think if it really speaks to us, and resonates with us, and fits in with the theme of the issue then it just works. Passion is incredibly important too – and it’s infectious. Alot of our submissions have come from outside the UK, so like Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, and the level of commitment and passion explodes across our screens – that’s what speaks to us; a general open-mindedness and exciteableness – because that’s what we’re all about.

This is the first step of what I hope will be an incredibly beautiful journey – we’re just taking it one page at a time, but have big plans for future issues and beyond. Issue #1 is fairly tame, but Issue #2 is already looking a lot darker, and braver, and more daring. We’re also launching a range of greetings cards with a dark and edgy twist, and a few more things still to come too. It’s all really exciting, and I think; I hope, people are going to be as excited as we are.

Check it out here, and grab your self a copy of issue number one, Freedom; this baby is sure to take off.

Kerouac’s Dog

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