Lego Cats and Paper Planes

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 20, 2013



We are very pleased to announce the newest Publication from HST, Ben John Smith’s newest collection of poetry featuring the gut bustingly amazing art works of the equally beautiful Katie Young.

The soft cover chap style book is, as always, available at the simple cost of a letter or “Art Swap”.  There will be a launch at a bar in Melbourne coming soon, this is a run of 50 copies only so after this run, as always, there will be no more presses made.  If any one is keen on a review, shoot Ben John Smith and email here –

Same postal address – PO Box 806 Tullamarine 3049 VIC Australia.


“Isn’t she pretty”

He was introducing his new girl friend to his group of friends and without meaning to he made the situation immediately un-comfortable.  He said; “Isn’t she pretty”.  His face flushed red and she excused herself to the bath room while the rest of the party dug into bowls of potato crisps.  In the bath room he said to a man washing his hands – “I always do that, I’m Sorry, i make things awkward all the time. I wish I had a..a ..a” trying to find the words he swung two fingers around in small swirling circles beside each other. The man, not knowing what to say asked if the word he was looking for was “time machine?”

Adjusting his belt, a leather belt with dice on the buckle, he said “No, I mean to say a double barrel shot gun”

Someone eating a curry on a bench in Jacana that night thought the dull boom was a single fire work, and he smiled to himself.  She was the prettiest woman he had ever seen.


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