Michael Marrotti

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 20, 2017


Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh equipped with a chemical imbalance and lack of patience. His writing has propagated the small press like chlamydia in Beechview. He’s been faithfully volunteering at the Light Of Life Rescue Mission for the past three years now, the man believes in action. His chapbook is available here: https://www.amazon.com/F-D-Approved-Poetry-Michael-Marrotti/dp/153907577X

And if you need to reach him: michaelmarrotti@gmail.com





When it comes

to my writing

I’m not expecting



Nor am I expecting

you to make a

credit card payment

when publishers

avoid my poetry

like it’s infected

with hepatitis


After all it is

an acquired taste

capable of

upsetting your

sensitive stomach


It’s oftentimes

offensive like

purposely not

flushing the toilet


If you’re seeking

something that’ll

warm your

sentimental heart

don’t waste your time

this right here is like

unprovoked anal sex

you’ll be limping away

a victim of penetration


I’m not holding

back any punches

I’m at war with all

things categorized

as benign


I’m that


asshole who

has the balls

to say what

other cowards

refuse to



I’m that genius

with a general

education diploma

who had an


while his

significant other

was shoplifting

lube at Rite Aid


The truth

when lubricated

is a comfortable

approach for

passionate poetry

that was written

in vain



Dedicated To Emulation


You won’t catch me

listening to classical

music by Bach

or Beethoven


That would be

cutting into

my time with

Frank Sinatra


You won’t catch me

talking about my

pussy cats either


I’m preoccupied

with a pussy

that stays moist

for hours



is no longer

on my list

of self-indulgence

the charm of

cheap Italian wine

has been lost

since the time

I turned thirty


I’m not

a gambling

man either

horses for me

are to be admired

for their beauty


I write about

what’s going on

in my tumultuous life

where extraordinary

calamities are


I’m a sex symbol

for hot women

and the orange bottles

are plentiful


I’ve never been

an emulator

of any kind

Bukowski is brilliant

but I’m living

my own life

and as you read

I’m writing about it



Poetry And Pornography


Poetry is alive

and well

in the hearts

of teenage girls


the door to



Poetry is alive

and well

if you’re

writing it down

from a female


preferably one

that isn’t Caucasian


Poetry is alive

in my dissatisfied

everyday existence

where I pleasure myself

behind closed doors

that used to be opened


The poems I write

aren’t doing so well

the pen keeps slipping

out of my hand

if these words

had an odor

you’d be thinking

of hand lotion


If you want

something done

the old cliché goes

do it yourself

which is no

problem at all

when free online porn

is plentiful


But in all honesty

if her libido

was in order

I’d much rather

be fucking

than playing around

with the deprivation

of this poem



Optimistic Poetry


Optimistic poetry

is as misplaced

as I am in a field

of Pittsburgh

Steeler fans


Who cares about

men in tights

when there’s an

abundance of

women wearing

yoga pants


The verses are

rendered useless

it defeats the

entire purpose

this is supposed

to be cathartic

not a showmanship

of pleasure


You can’t relate

with the women

I’ve had

my standards

surpassed your



Nobody cares

that I’ve made it

to Andy Warhol’s

old neighborhood

this is my zip code

my personal preference


It’s all about pain

steak knives used

to warm the soul

from a frigid planet


It’s all about

adjectives and

fractured feelings

saving up funds

that would’ve been

spent on therapy


It’s all about me

it’s all about you

but at the end

of the day

it’s a poor excuse

for perseverance

when nobody

is reading

and the same

damn calamities

keep on happening



In All Modesty


I’ve had a few

stalkers in

my lifetime

ranging from

grotesque to


I know a few

things about



I’ve had


success when

it comes to

the statistics

of my love life

for which

I can say

I’m satisfied

I know a few

things about



I’ve seen these

elaborate bios

professing success

and a desire for praise

their extended list

of achievements

is pretentious

for the size of

the small press scene


I may or may not

be satisfied with

the length of

my penis

it’s one of the

few things I

conceal when it

comes to writing

my poetry


But if you

must know


it’s a fact

or a myth

worthy of


all you have to do

is read the contents

of my bio

in all modesty





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