by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 2, 2013


PERPETUAL WINTER; an Anthology of lined; flash; cyclic; constrained; visual, or (snow) blinded, even and experimental, which the emphasis on “mental,” poetry written this winter where the writer resided when written. Winter begins, South of the Equator, June 21st and ends September 20th. That’s the first shift, headed by Southern Editor Ben John Smith. (2nd shift submissions for those North of the Equa[tion] , not open until December 21st, when Polaris-observing Mike Castro takes back the helm).

Submit 3-12 pages written this winter submitted as either doc.file format (for copy editing) or pdf.file if unusual formatting or fonts (just needs to be perfect, is all).

Doesn’t have to be about winter. Doesn’t even have to be dark. The poet just needs to be aware – whether vaguely or acutely – of his’er position on Planet Dirt as it sundowners that position angled deepest into shadow, furthest from the Eye of Ra.

Submitters must have (or create) a Facebook account and “Like” OpPRESS (if you haven’t yet) as well as “Like” both Submissions Editors (if haven’t yet, just message PERPETUAL WINTER in or after “Friend Request.” You don’t really have to like us (you don’t even know me, man), however, the idea is that contributors and readers are all hyper-linked for maximum exposure. Did someone scream, “Frostbite?”

Submissions we like, as they come in, will be put by each shift’s editor into a Hibernation File to be posted as an Online Event once a month – 3 times for each winter shift – as an Issuu e-booklet until 2nd-shift submissions close March 21, 2014.

After March 21st, we’ll publish the 6 collated Hibernation Files into a hardbound (P.O.D.) anthology in the spring of 2014. Each contributor will be mailed a copy for payment. Also, we’ll keep the book’s price as low as possible by keeping it at printer’s – Lulu – cost.

If you are (or will be) in view of the Southern Cross this June 21 through September 20, submit your worst – is bad still good? – to Ben John Smith at

For Subject: type PERPETUAL WINTER. In the body of the email put a link to your Facebook account. (Don’t forget to “Like” Ben John Smith, Mike Castro and OpPRESS. Anything you want to say about yourself, just put on your Timeline.)

If your formatting is simple enough to put in the body of the email, you may. Otherwise, doc. or pdf.file attachments, 3-12 pages, with at least 12-pt. font. By the way, Facebook (Tahoma) fonts suck. We prefer fonts with serifs like Georgia or Times New Roman (or Courier New if alignment is critical) to let the words flow. But use your own discretion. It’s your work. Be bad. Just don’t suck.

You may start writing, if you want, now that winter’s 3 weeks away. Just don’t finish poem(s) before June 21st. Add date finished at the end of each poem. And let there be dark.

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