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by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 20, 2012

RD Armstrong, AKA Raindog began his most recent incarnation as a writer in the early 90s.  He has 18 chapbooks, 10 books to his name and has been published in over 300 poetry magazines, anthologies, blogs and e-zines.  He also operates the Lummox Press which published the Lummox Journal for 11 years; the Little Red Book series and the new RESPECT series of perfect bound collections of poetry. Since 1995, Raindog has labored to serve the world of small press writers and artists; and continues to do so to this day. Visit his website at www.lummoxpress.com

MERCY by Raindog

Another dead-end. Dusty had been slowly working his way north and now he could go no further. Not without a long, cold swim.  He sat on the wall and looked north.  They had sat on this same wall at some other point in time, but he couldn’t remember when.  He only could remember the dry weeds poking his leg under his pants; or the coarse edge of the ancient concrete wall cutting into his butt as he leaned against it; or even his own reflection in her sunglasses so close to his face.  Yet he could not remember when it had happened. And now, sitting on the wall, facing north he wondered what would be left if he just started walking. North…

He came to this town to escape, but there was no running away. He brought his past with him.

He had come here hoping for a fresh start, but it was always the same.  Like the man said,” It’s warm beer and cold women, an’ I jus’ don’t fit in.” Only in this mill town, there was nothing to do besides play “bar pool” or darts or sit and watch the topless dancers at Bob’s B&B (Booze N’ Boobs or Bobbin’ Boobs).  Or you could go to church or to one of the “meetings”—Pure Prairie League stuff.  But basically, it was all the same, no matter which side of the fence you ended up on.  There was always going to be someone to feed you something and there would always be a need to get rid of the shit when you were done.  Put simply, it always came down to holes.  Nurturing holes and Assholes.  Pure and simple.

And no matter how careful he was, there were always more assholes in his life than nurturing holes.

But he was tired of it.  Tired of watching the ebb and flow of love in this town; tired of being alone; tired of being tired.  And most of all, he was tired of the perpetual battle of the sexes; the war that seemed to go on and on, unrelenting, always escalating, forever and ever.  He was tired of the man-hating, pseudo-sophisticated snobbery of intelligent women.  Or the self-deprecation of otherwise learned women.  It was either that or the “bar babe” mentality.  The only discernible difference between one or the other was that the latter didn’t expect to get more than one hole filled at a time.

He remembered one of the days after he first drifted into this hole-in-the-wall.  He had been sitting in Bob’s B n’B having a watered down brew when one of Bob’s B’s sat down next to him and struck up a conversation.  Well, it was really more of a monologue.  She talked at him about the weather, the impending Baseball strike, the mill lay-offs, her aching feet, the lousy tips in this dump, how Bob was always pestering the “Girls” for sexual favors, her own fading beauty, her car, her kids, her ex, and on and on.

“What does she think I am, her fucking priest?” He muttered to no one.

“Mister, I sure wish that I could get away from here…”

“Here it comes, the TOUCH!” He thought out loud, but very low, under his breath.

“Maybe you could help me out with a little green?”

She leaned over to him and rested her hand on his forearm.  His fingers tightened around his glass, and his jaw began to clench and unclench.  Seeing this, she dropped her hand to his leg, near his knee and began to draw little circles, spiraling up his leg.  He looked at her for the first time.

She looked back at him, pleadingly.

“Please, mister; please help me out.  Why I’ll do anything you want!”


She leaned over closer, her breasts gently brushing and then pressing against his

arm; her hand dropping inside his pants leg and probing towards his crotch.

“Anything you want, sugar!” She purred.

It had been a long time since he’d been with a woman.

A dialogue began in his head; it was between the devilish and the angelic.

“You’d better go for this, buddy, it could be a long time before this comes your way again.  Just look at those tits!”

“Yeah, but she’s just a whore!  Do you want to be with someone who’s probably fucked every man in this room at least once?  What could you possibly gain by doing this, except some brief carnal whoopee and an STD?”

“Don’t listen to that crap!  Are you nuts?  The gain is in the rain, man.  You haven’t had any pussy for so long, that if it didn’t have fingers you probably wouldn’t know what to do with it!  Besides, look at those tits!”

The tits did make a persuasive argument.  She was still young enough to defy the laws of gravity and the nipples looked up at him, pleadingly, also. They looked almost edible, like peaches.  A brief picture of cream on her peaches flashed through his brain.

“That’s right, buddy, jus’ keep thinkin’ about those tits!”

“You’re a bigger fool than I thought if you haven’t learned anything from the last time you listened to that beast!  Since you’ve already decided to listen to the little head, just be clear on one point: she wants your money and she’ll use you like a dildo to get it!”

An interesting image of a slot machine popped into his head.  She was yanking the arm of the machine, which was actually his cock, trying to get three in a row.  With each yank he came closer and closer to cuming, but when he finally did, it wasn’t cream that shot out of his dick, it was silver dollars!  A sobering thought.

“What’s wrong, sugar?”

“I, um, can’t help you, lady, so would you mind letting go of me?”

“Listen to me, mister, d’ya feel that?  I know you can’t be gay, unless that’s a flashlight, and I know that you’ve been staring at my tits, so why don’t you and I just go out to the point and have some fun, huh?”

“Listen, lady, how much money do you think I have?  I’m new in town and I don’t even have a place to stay!  Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

“I like you.  You listened to me when I needed someone to talk to.  So let me thank you.”

“Really, your words are thanks enough.”

“Listen, how would you like a nice blow job?”  She sounded like she was serving cocktail weenies at a party.

Ever since he was a young man, he had always had a weakness for certain types of women; especially women like this one: vulnerable, somewhat intelligent, built, and horny.  And now, it was as if she had suddenly developed psychic powers.  He sensed that she knew that he was weakening as she stared deeply into his eyes. And then she said those three little words that he had never been able to resist.  She was practically in his lap now as she purred into his ear; “I’ll swallow!”

“All right, all right. Enough already. Let’s go!”

“Meet me out back in ten minutes.”

They drove out to the point in his van.  She directed him to a secluded spot on one of the many side-streets.  After parking, she led him down a path, under a fence and down near the cliffs.  He could hear the waves crashing against the rocks below.  He could hear voices all around him in the dark, kids yelling and screaming and laughing.  It was very dark.  He could hardly see her face.  But he didn’t need to see her face.  She took his face in her hands and, briefly kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth.  Caught off guard, he tried to grab it with his teeth, but she was too fast.  And when he tried to kiss her back, she turned her head and offered him her ear and then the nape of her neck.

“She’s a whore all right; that’s the way whores kiss!” It was the voice of the angelic co-pilot chastising him.

But he already knew that she was a professional and that she was playing him for a fool.  But she was in for the biggest surprise of her brief life, at least in this particular form. He would let her run this show for a while longer, and then he would takeover.

A cool breeze whistled through his legs, as his pants dropped around his ankles. He pressed her close to him, his erection prodding her in the belly.  In the dark, he could still sense her excitement as she could feel his pressing against her.  Her hands wrapped around his cock in a perfect golf grip and she squeezed.  To her surprise, it seemed to get bigger and thicker.

Dropping to her knees for a closer inspection, she freed one hand so she could service herself as well.  He merely stood there and waited.  His cock aimed at her head, throbbed in the cool night air, her hand gripping it, holding it at bay.  She looked up at him, opened her mouth and extended her tongue.  It was a long, slender thing, reminding him of an earthworm.  But it ceased to remind him of that when it slithered up the head of his cock.  She used her tongue like a lifeline to guide her lips to the head of his cock.  It reminded him of docking in space.  She began to suck on his cockhead.  She was creating a vacuum.

“Stop that! Just give me a fucking blow job!”

She looked up at him and thought how nice his balls were going to look hanging up in her collection!

So she released her vacuum on the head of his penis and began to slide down the shaft until she reached her hand as it gripped the base.  Then, just to show him who was in charge here, as she slid back up, she dragged her teeth, ever so slightly along, scrapping little furrows on his skin.  To her surprise, the damned thing seemed to get longer!  She didn’t remember it taking as long to descend.  She did a couple of quick head bobs, and sure enough, she couldn’t touch her hand like before without choking. She got very excited at this point and really began to churn butter.

She was pretty good.  It was too bad.

For ten minutes or so, she chugged away. Finally, she looked up into his eyes, pleadingly; it was the same look that he had seen at the bar.  He knew that she was tired of sucking on him and she wanted to get it over with.

“Are you ready to swallow?”

She nodded.

“Then open your mouth and stick out that beautiful tongue!”

And gripping her head with both hands, he began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly.  And as he did this, he adjusted his hands so that his thumbs rested above her eyebrows and his fingers spread out in her hair, with his pinkies caressing her ear-lobes and, occasionally, slipping into the ear canal, blocking the outside sounds; so, all she could hear at times were the slurping sounds of his cock in her mouth, her own rapid breathing and pulse-rate, and a deep, animal moaning coming from inside her.

And then he quickened the pace.  She dropped her hold of his cock and started to fondle herself, but her fingers wouldn’t work, so she grabbed his ass and began to knead his cheeks.  Then she could only squeeze in time to the rhythm of his cock as he fucked her mouth.

Faster, then slower, then faster.  And then he stopped.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded.  His cock was in her mouth and as she vigorously shook her head up and down, it gave one the illusion that she was pumping the well.  The truth was that she was pumping the well.

He slid his cock into her mouth just far enough to get the head in past her teeth.

“Bite me hard, you fucking whore!  Bite me like the man-eating shark you are!”

Her nostrils flared as she thought; “Why you dirty, motherfucking , sum bitch! Why I’ll bite your fucking cock right off and spit it out in your face!”

Simultaneously to this thought, she began to pull out the fishing knife that she’d used to deball many a past victim.

“Bite me, you stupid cunt!”

And she did.  She bit down hard, hard enough to tear the head right off, but instead, something else happened.  She heard him yell, as her teeth sank into his cock, but it wasn’t her teeth that were sinking in, rather it was his cock expanding into her teeth.

His cock was expanding like a fucking air bag or something!  It was huge! And it was growing bigger and bigger.  But she couldn’t pull it out of her mouth because the head had filled her entire mouth already, and her teeth were holding it in place.  And something else was happening!

His cock was beginning to quiver and shake, as if an explosive ball of fire was boiling up an empty elevator shaft to the….

“Oh my God!”  She thought.  Her last thought was a spiritual one, at least.

She whipped out her knife, but it was too late.

With his hands grabbing her head, he arched his back and fired a molten blast of plasma into her.  His thumbs slid over her eyes and his fingers covered her ears, but her nostrils, which were opened wide in fear, allowed the cosmic goo to come streaming out. Her hands hung limply at her sides and she could only convulse with his cock as he fired several more loads into her. He closed his eyes and savored the moment. He had triumphed once again…

Just then, as he basked in the afterglow, he heard a familiar voice in his ear.  He opened his eyes and there he was, sitting on a stool at Bob’s B n’ B!  And there she was, leaning up against him, looking into his eyes, nostrils flaring, on fire with lust…

“Well?  What do you say?”

“I’m sorry darlin’, but I can’t.”  He said as he reached into his pocket, the one she had been massaging earlier.

“Cause you see, it really is a flashlight.”

She looked down and saw the thick, black shaft of a Magna Light in his hand.

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