Review: Bulletproof by Wolfgang Carstens

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 14, 2017

Review: Bulletproof by Wolfgang Carstens

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Sterling veteran poet Wolfgang Carstens broods vibrantly about a prospect which faces us all – death.

There’s something about Carstens’ no frills style which stamps all over the usual dark matters of when the reaper swings his scythe. There are tributes and eulogies to fallen pals, and humble honesty about his own mortality. There are certain poems that provoke salty tears, ‘reasons to quit’ is a brutal tearjerker and ‘my father spent’ evokes lost years and missed opportunities to connect with somebody linked by blood.

My own favourite in the chapbook is ‘in the past five years’ which has a wonderful ending –


but tonight,


with a bottle of Patron,

a full pack of cigarettes,

and a song in my heart,


i swear to fucking Christ

I ain’t never gonna die.


A word to must go to the look and style of this chapbook. Grey Borders Books put together a good little product. Often chapbooks are crafted on cheap paper with gaudy cover art. The wonderful cartoon artwork by Janne Karlsson brings the book to life.


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