Review By “Jeremiah Walton”

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 24, 2013

Jeremiah Walton reviews Corrugator by Paul Harrison

This collection is raw and bloody like uncooked meat.
“There is an emptiness / greater than any stadium / or station of the cross.”
Paul Harrison put together a, relatively depressing, collection of well written poems that are simple in their accessibility, and honest in their conversations with readers.  Many of the poems offer something beyond just reading material, and it’s up to the reader whether or not they are willing to take that gift, hold it, and adopt it into their lives.  These are confessions translated into poetry for us to interpret it as we please, and cradle from our own perspectives.

Here’s one of Paul’s poems that I found particularly striking.

“tonight these cigarettes
my censer

this poem
my nightmare

this mind
a tomb

are reading
a gravestone

walk on”

This is a worthwhile read published by 48th Street Press.  It is available directly from the publisher until the end of June for $10 in the U.S. and $12 anywhere else.  Contact Chris at
If you’d like to read more of Paul’s work before purchasing this awesome collection, you can read his poems at Horror Sleaze Trash

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