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by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 17, 2017




The Survivor


His name was E. Canetti,

And he won a Nobel Prize.

He spoke for humanity

Saying futurity may die.


At first, there was God only.

He made our only earth,

And apparently got lonely,

So a pair was given birth.


This lone couple got busy.

They coupled now and again.

The Lord told them, surely,

It was no original sin.


It’s been duly confirmed,

Regarding the human egg,

Only one swimming sperm

Wins, the others, just dregs.


The champ becomes MVP

In a championship season.

The losers seem lost at sea,

Or fashioned to display him.


DNA and fingerprints

Show us how unique we are.

This is enough to convince

Me that rude truth can jar.


In most all mythologies,

A scenario repeats.

People meet catastrophe.

Only two rise to their feet.


Then it all begins again.

People replenish the land.

The inhabitants are kin

Thanks to a divine plan.


Drinkers who suffer DTs

Are known to see wee people

Who seem to swarm like bees.

These from minds unstable.


The concept of “onlyness”

Reigns in human psyches.

It helps to explain the lust

For power in our species.


There is power in the crowd.

Its ruler, one of a kind.

But unruly mobs shout loud

Sometimes in minds not fine.


The threat of a power loss

Could lead to insanity

In a malicious mob boss.

That might be quite deadly.


This is the nuclear age.

What if a leader goes mad?

Will his throngs storm and rage?

If so, we might all be had.


He could be the only one.

The Survivor gets the nod.

A person second to none,

But a very short-lived god.


In his final moments,

He would have the sick pleasure

Of knowing that his presence

Caused great horror to occur.


He will have killed and survived

Millions of inflated egos

And nixed all potential lives

In a terrible fire show.


So we have a call to arms

Thanks to Mister Canetti.

A great threat must be disarmed.

It’s the only remedy.


Read the book for yourself;

It’s called “Crowds and Power.”

Its message, above all else:

We may be in our last hour.


“The Survivor is mankind’s worst evil, its curse and perhaps its doom.”   Elias Canetti, “Crowds and Power.” 1966.468.



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