the Small Press Army.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 2, 2013



“Small Press Army”


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Secretly, over National Poetry Month, Nostrovia! Poetry was working on rallying the troops, and organizing the Small Press Army.

Small Press Army is a compilation of poetry publishers, including litmags, blogs, and small presses, hand picked for you to browse.  A brief description and URL is provided so you can see if the press is right for you, and your poetry.

Some of the publishers in this compilation is The Hobo Camp Review, Miracle Ezine, Dead SnakesThe Gap-Toothed Madness, and a good number of others.  These are passionate examples of those who care for literature working to promote it the best they can.  

The goal of this publication is to offer poets a tool to obtain publication, to find homes for their writing. 

This publication is free to download from both Payhip and Scribd, as well as directly from Nostrovia! Poetry. 

Download Small Press Army

Scribd [PDF]
Payhip [PDF]

Small Press Army

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