J.J. Campbell

by Arthur Graham on March 18, 2018

J.J. Campbell (1976 – soon) has lived long enough to know where the bodies are buried. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at Winedrunk Sidewalk, Yellow Mama, The Beatnik Cowboy, In Between Hangovers and Pyrokinection. You can find J.J. most days whining about something trivial at his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (http://evildelights.blogspot.com) 
a little mental illness
my father never
warned me about
falling in love with
strange women
i think he wanted
me to enjoy the
be tortured by it
live my life as a
fucking fool just
like him
i have done a
decent job of
but i never wanted
to grow old and
be alone
and the problem
of only having a
little mental illness
is the voices only
come out to play
when the sunshine
allows recess
i’m looking more
for a constant
devotion has failed me
the voice of a broken angel
puts me to sleep at night
her smooth brown skin
keeps me calm when
the neon starts to burn
my soul
her tongue is like a light
dancing at the bottom of
the ocean
no matter how dark it
that light shines on
but devotion has failed me
longing gets me nowhere
i have shared my truth to
laughter and eventually
the broken angel doesn’t
believe i love her with
all i have
i’m slowly dying trying
to convince her
i find it easier to be stubborn
than start this damn process
over again
i have chosen a slow death
i was jealous when
kurt cobain killed
he found the freedom
i can’t even fathom
any longer
and here i sit
emptying another
thinking it’s heroic
i have chosen a slow
three in the morning
and i’m running out
of things to jerk off
my imagination has
reached that stage of
life where i find myself
slightly frightened at
what excites that little
fucker these days
let’s just say
the demons feel like
they have found a
long lost friend


Lisa Rose

by India LaPlace on March 15, 2018

Lisa Rose is an Italian-English illustrator based in colourful Bristol, UK.

Her work is inspired by a million things, but especially female/femme experiences, bodies, and sexuality.

Occasionally NSFW/kink-oriented. Always sex and body positive.

Check out Lisa’s website, where you can view her portfolio and follow her past and present projects. 


You can also connect with Lisa on Instagram and Facebook.

And on etsy you can purchase prints, accessories, and more from the artist.


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Marco Guaglione: MG Curves

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March 11, 2018

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Angelica Arsan

March 10, 2018

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