‘Surrender Dorothy’ by Atlantic

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 20, 2014


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Broken past remembered chasing every smile from her face, forever chased by all time can’t erase today… she says the bloodbath is thick AND FAST!

Rolling head, shattered love, brave afraid AND EVERYTHING’S FINE!

Now you’re feeling! though we’ve always seen the lights of emerald, she has, she has always had to fall!

And the marvel she knows persists! as its all in good time my pretty… now i know i have a heart because it is breaking for you… and it’s all in good time my pretty… so please relay exactly just what such broken hearts can do! in the end will you still let such a fear of loss define you?

UNDERSTANDING THE REAL IN LIFE… and all that matters breaks her fall each time that house falls from the sky. return to colors of SORROW!

Nothing like home!

You can’t rest now… We’re almost there…

And there is not another place like home! behold the scars it delivers… no there is not another place like home! we all bear the scars home delivers!

And the marvel you know still persists! cause this is all in good time my pretty… and now i know i have the heart, the heart that breaks for you… it was all in good time my pretty… you’ve displayed exactly just what such broken hearts can do… seize today and pray you’ll wake up where the clouds are far behind you!

LET THIS GO! and never wait on another. All emerald ever wanted you to know… That it was always only a colour.


Nothing like home!

Song is off the EP ‘Lateral Lines’

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Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Callan Orr at Avalanche Studios Melbourne


Video Produced By: Dillon Pearce Media

Gaffer: Quinten Robertson



Main Actress:

Catherine Goodchild

A House Safe For Tigers

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 18, 2014


Wednesday, August 20 at 7:30pm

Some Velvet Morning

123 Queen’s Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia 3068

(03) 9486 5192

An evening of spoken word with a difference. A House Safe For Tigers will exclusively showcase only writers collaborating with musicians.

For the inaugural event Sean M Whelan & Isnod will perform their first gig together in 2014. Sean M Whelan will also debut new material written in collaboration with musician Brooke Russell. AHSFT is also extremely excited to have Ben John Smith perform with band.


DJ LAPKAT has just been added to the bill. LAPKAT is the only DJ in Melbourne specialising in combining spoken word with music.

Entry is completely FREE.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Get there early if you want a plush ringside seat.


August 18, 2014

http://zigzagly.com/shop/l39e5kviyvyxes0uyq6t2vz6h2f3un WARM CUP OF ASSHOLES : (Digital Download & Tape Cassette) Produced by Ben John Smith and Michael James Christian 14.95 “a quasi-confessional soundscape of menacing tenderness” *PLEASE SEE SAMPLE TRACK BELOW) Title: Warm Cup of Assholes Medium: Music / Spoken word / Poetry *You are buying a cassette tape that comes with a digital […]

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August 18, 2014
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Bob’s Burgers and Despicable Me 2 artist – Frank Forte

August 14, 2014

  Bob’s Burgers and Despicable Me 2 artist has first feature exhibit at La Luz De Jesus Gallery Frank Forte, a storyboard and comic book artist and comics publisher at Asylum Press, will be showing eight new paintings as part of the Laluzapalooza Jury Winners which coincides with José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ Profanity Pop exhibit.  Frank will be attending the opening from […]

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August 13, 2014

Oh, you didn’t hear? you better AXE somebody. I’m the most sassy flamboyant mother fucker in this poetry game, that smooth kid dressed in all feathers that will still run up and put a brick in your mouth. When people ask who gets busy, they dont say you.  We vogue high class meets drunk and […]

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