Casey Renee Kiser: Doll Shaker

by Arthur Graham on December 15, 2017

With dark, abrupt and often unsettling humor, Casey Renee Kiser writes about identity, relationships, depression, ‘mental illness’ and the human condition. Her book Doll Shaker is an exploration of one’s identity crisis from the lingering effects of emotional abuse as a child and how it ties in later with sex and relationships.

Photo and makeup ©Jasmyn Taylor Givens 2017


Fuck Me, Adore Us

Simple men
steal my heart because 
I am so complicated

They are so beautiful
with organized minds
Convenient lack of psychosis
No alternate personalities to blame
I wear these men like jewelry

What will be their downfall-
their descent 
a fresh obsession with chaos, 
an alleged comfortably strange world
of puzzles to solve
Which personalities to adore, 
which ones to dodge
They enjoy the process of learning 
this, at first

He will love Me
and reluctantly love Us

And simple men never laugh
while fucking
and that’s pretty fucking funny
to me


Peep Show

His eyes follow my hips
to any corner they may collapse into
He wouldn’t blink even if he could, for fear
of missing the show
I know his favorite spot 
is high
on the shelf
with a clear view of my bed

His eyes follow my fingers 
to any dark cave they may slip into
He talks dirty to me
with his stark
For this, he is rewarded
His eyes watch my eyes
slowly close


Luna See

Pay no mind to the stitches-
fuck me sideways, 
upside down
You can’t hurt me
Just fuck me, 
it’s urgent! 
I’m losing ability to feel
I’m losing ability to determine what is real
You named me Luna, see,
then let me go

My dress is unraveling
My limbs are snapping
These goddamn bows are too tight
The bed is made up painfully proper
I sit in between these pillows 
and wait for you to notice 
this dolly in distress

Your adoration is the root 
of this lunacy, you once loved me 
and so I became real
But what am I now?
Just fuck me,
I’m    losing    ability    to



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HST Quarterly: Winter 2018

by Arthur Graham on December 13, 2017

Featuring poetry by Scott Emerson, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Philip Vermaas, Michael Crane, Aneka Brunssen, J.A. Carter-Winward, Arthur Graham, Chris Butler, John D Robinson, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Michael Faun, Karl Koweski, Kerney Bee, Benjamin Blake, Johnny Scarlotti, J.J. Campbell, Cole Bauer, Alexander Akyna, Casey Renee Kiser, A. Lynn Blumer, Scott Laudati, India LaPlace, Oliver Stansfield, and Jake Cosmos Aller.

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