Shot By Baker ~ Pixie Puke in “White Like That”

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 25, 2017

Photoset Title:                      White Like That


Format:                                  Digital

Model:                                   Pixie Puke

Model link:                  

HMUA:                                   By model




LB:           Tell us about your career as a model, from how you got started to now. 


PP:          When I was a teenager I ran a fashion blog and I was asked by an online zine to do an interview and a photo-shoot for their opening issue. It was my first time doing anything like that, besides taking photos of myself at my house, and I was awkward and nervous as hell but I still had an amazing time getting my makeup done, having people dress me up, I fell in love with the creative process immediately! After that I did a shoot with a close friend who’s a great photographer, we did a shoot on the busiest street in the city with crazy paper cut-outs stuck to my face, the photos came out amazing and I enjoyed watching the gaping faces of those passing by. I’ve always really enjoyed the freedom of expression (and perhaps just a little bit of the expected attention) that comes with being a model. As a teen I was stopped in the city so frequently by people asking to take my photo due to my extravagant outfits, but if you have told me then that I’d be dressing up for a living I’d have laughed at the thought of me having a job for this long! 



LB:           What does it take to be a successful alternative model?

PP:          I think it requires the same skills to be successful as a mainstream model, especially considering that tattoos, piercings and crazy hair colours are fairly standard for even commercial models nowadays, you have to be good at what you do to stand out! I have never liked to put myself into the ‘alternative model’ box, as I feel it places limitations on my abilities when I want to break down all the barriers. I enjoy fine art a lot, both shooting it and seeing it, and there’s something really beautiful about the classical imagery of a nude figure contrasted with modern styling such as body modification, or just putting an individual spin on something you’ve seen a million times before.



LB:           You must have an incredible wardrobe and show collection… what are your current favourite items? 

PP:          This is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child (Laughs). My vintage lingerie collection makes me feel fabulous when I’m just lounging around at home, I couldn’t live without my bright pink and green fur coats, and the platform sneakers I found in a thrift store are some of my faves too.



Q:           You also do your own makeup and hair styling, did you take any classes or are you self-taught?

PP:          I have zero professional training with makeup or hair, everything I know I learnt from the many mistakes I’ve made along the way. 

These days we have all of the internet at our disposal which is great for learning new techniques and improving your skills, but you still need to figure out what works for your face through trial-and-error. 



LB:           Why were you keen to work with me?

PP:          I am always looking for fresh, unique ideas from photographers. You can tell when somebody has a clear vision of what they want to achieve and I love helping them make that a reality. I get bored doing/seeing the same thing over and over so I’m always interested when something really out there is presented to me. 



LB:           What superpower would you have and why?

PP:          I’d want to shape-shift into any animal I wanted, so I could be cute and sneaky whenever I needed to 🙂



Ally Malinenko

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 23, 2017

Ally Malinenko is the author of the poetry collections The Wanting Bone, How To Be An American, and Better Luck Next Year as well as the novel This Is Sarah. She lives in the part of Brooklyn the tour buses don’t come to and tweets at @allymalinenko mostly about David Bowie.



Sorry Tree Guy


It’s not that we don’t appreciate you coming,

or the fact that you had to scale that whole tree

with a bullhorn tucked in your pants

it’s just that when you kept shouting

even with the bullhorn

you weren’t nearly as loud

as the girl on the pallet below you

asking us to show her what democracy looks like


and we were, Tree Guy

we were there,

bottlenecked and jammed together,

flooding into every cross street

we were standing up

and saying


Here at our nation’s capital,

we were showing her what democracy looks like


but you kept bellowing into that bullhorn

and we all wanted to march

after being out here for hours

after waiting for hours for the metro

just to get here,


so thanks for showing up Tree Guy

but this isn’t your show


because girls do run the world

and the future is female


but I know that by tomorrow

there will be a dozen

think pieces talking about the men

who showed up for the march,


men like you Tree Guy

and you’re not a bad guy

don’t get me wrong


I’m glad you’re here and all

but this whole day will get re-centered around you

because you are a guy,

not just in a tree

but in the world

and the world always needs to make sure you’re okay


so what I’m saying Tree Guy

is that you’re still have your spotlight

this time tomorrow

you’ll still get your cookie

for being a decent  human

and they’ll write about you in the paper

talk about how we need you


and maybe we do

but right now, Tree Guy

put away your bullhorn


because the girl next to me says she’s over you

And the girl on the pallet

motions forward and screams


and we surge forward together

leaving you up there

in your tree.


Year Three: The Diseased


This is not a sprint

but a marathon

not a battle

but a war


and three years in,

I’m tired.

I’m tired of thinking

every bone pain

is my death

that I can feel it

right there

on my shoulder

waiting for me

to turn and face it.


I know its angry face

I hear its labored breathing.


I’m tired of the receptionists

who look at us like

we’re just another problem

who want insurance cards

and make heavy long sighs

their breath all doused in coffee.


I’m tired of the scans,

the easily ripped

paper robes

the sitting around in my underwear

the sound of machines

that heavy clanking

then bang



against my ears

face down



Each test a wall I climb

and climb

fingers bent backwards.


I’m tired of my life

being put on hold

every six months

of never planning a vacation

let alone a movie on the weekend

until I know

if I’m going to



or not.


You Only Have So Much Time Don’t Waste It


Every single one of us

is a product of everything

going exactly right.


Miraculously right.

The fact that the right sperm and egg got together.

The fact that your parents even met.

That their parents before them met.

Every perfect necessary moment stretching back through all of time.

Back to the stars and the shuttering crash of making

and through all of it

there has always been such a slim chance that

you would even survive


To be here.




Don’t waste it.

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