B K Jenkins

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 2, 2015









Janne Karlsson & J.J. Campbell

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 28, 2015


“J.J. Campbell is a poet from Ohio, USA. Janne Karlsson is an artist from Linköping, Sweden. Justin Bieber is a pussy from Uranus. Now let’s go fuck ourselves”.

What is Beautiful project

February 26, 2015

Mental Fitness, Inc.’s teaser trailer for our What is Beautiful project. We are hoping, through this campaign, we can get people talking about what makes something beautiful and what brings about happiness. Many media outlets and thus society’s view, it’s about a slim figure, a six-pack, being tall and tanned, muscles, makeup, and of course, […]

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Daniel Ortiz Words ~ Ben John Smith Artwork

February 25, 2015

  — The Difference between the Dead and the Dying I took a seat at the bar and asked for a beer. As I waited for that beer, I looked around and saw the same familiar faces. I felt it was deeply comforting, yet deeply sad to see the same faces in this bar. I […]

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John Grochalski

February 24, 2015

  John Grochalski is a dirty old man who lives in a dusty hole in brooklyn, new york.  In his spare time he spends his days leering a teenage girls when they bend over  to pick up money on the street. — Skinny jogger bitch   skinny jogger bitch is in the lobby of the […]

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Nathan W. Taynthoemer

February 24, 2015

Nathan W. Taynthoemer is the pen name of a rabid jackrabbit that just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Say anything to the contrary and he will viciously attack you and your mother with a sharpened spoon and there won’t be a God damned thing you can do to stop him. He fucking dares you. Nathan […]

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