Pet Power: why own pets?

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 1, 2014

Pet Power: why own pets?


“Over half of Australians own pets, dogs are the most popular, followed closely by cats. Modern day pet ownership in the West has changed a lot in 50 years. Now pets are considered companion animals with owners referred to as guardians. Dogs are allowed inside, on the couch and even in the bed.

This humanisation of pets is particular to Western societies and is not shared across cultures. In fact, some cultures don’t even have a concept of pet ownership. So why own pets? Is it evolutionary? Is it good for your health? Or is it cultural? Meet some cat loving blokes and find out what draws them to their furry friends.


Also, the other side of pet ownership, thousands of pets end up in animal shelters each year, lost and abandoned. Following a trend in Taiwan, Japan and England, Australia’s first Cat Cafe has opened its doors in Melbourne. It’s sourced the cats from local animal shelters to promote the benefits of owning mature felines. Would you go to a Cat Cafe?”

St Kilda Music Fest

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 31, 2014


Saturday the 1st of November 2.30pm: Chris Wilson has been an essential part of the blues and rock music scene in Australia since taking the stage with the Sole Twisters over twenty years ago. Stints with Harum Scarum and Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls followed, and by the end of the 80s Chris was renowned as one of our finest vocalists, harmonica players and songwriters, fronting the superb Crown of Thorns. Chris has appeared at every major Australian festival. Brian Nankervis is the much loved alter ego of Raymond J Bartholemues and the producer, and co compere of Rockwiz. He one of the funniest poets and comics in Australia. Michael Crane has had many poems and stories published in Australian, U.S. and Canadian literary journals including the Best Australian Poems 2011 and the Australian Love Poems 2013. He organised Poetry Idol for the Melbourne Writers Festival, is managing editor of the Paradise Anthology and has toured Les Murray extensively. The Murdeena duo are an exciting brother and sister act mentored by Chris Wilson and Sarah Carroll, The band have just released their second e p to great acclaim.


Saturday the 15th of November 2.30pm: Sarah Carroll is an original country and folk singer/songwriter, well known for her work with The Junes and partner Chris Wilson, amongst others. Sarah is currently promoting her third solo release, HOME AND HEART, which illustrates her wide and various influences. Marcel Borrack’s heartfelt songs have good bones; poignant stories of everyday life condensed into the melodically sweet and musically spare gems found on his critically successful solo albums Help and I Was Only Dreaming. Since those albums Marcel has formed the band Minibikes to add meat to the new material he had been coming up with. The band’s debut LP For Woods Or Trail is due for release later this year. Ben John Smith is an emerging poet and raconteur with a large and loyal following. Compered by Michel Crane.


Saturday the 29th of November2.30pm; Rebecca Barnard is a Melbourne-based Australian singer, songwriter and musician. She was the lead singer of Rebecca’s Empire from 1994 to 2000, and has forged a solo career since her debut album was released in 2006.Barnard featured in the following Australian bands The Escalators (1982-1984), Black Coffee (and the Beans) (1985), Wayback 5 (1986), Romance Without Finance, Peaceful Anticipation Social Aid and Pleasure Club (1990), Stephen Cummings Band (1986 and 1990–91), Triple Peaks (1991), and the Rebecca Barnard Band (1992).When songwriting became a focus, she founded the band Rebecca’s Empire. The band toured extensively, releasing three EPs and two albums and appeared on the Triple J Hottest 100 albums three years in a row.[1]). During this time, Barnard appeared on recordings by Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers, Renée Geyer, Deborah Conway, The Meanies, Warped and The Audreys. Chris Andrews is the lead singer of the band Earth Station which was a JJJ Unerathed band in 2008. Anthony Doig is an actor, musician, poet and racountuer who is has been published frequently in the Paradise Anthology and was a Poetry Idol finalist in 2010. Compered by Michael Crane


 Saturday the 13th of December of November 2.30pm: Monique Brumby is aTwo time ARIA Award winning singer songwriter Monique Brumby released her 4th studio album SKELETONS’ POLKA in 2010 to great acclaim. Monique is currently mixing her 5th studio album‘Half Moon Half Everything’ due out March 2012.The Murdeena duo are an exciting brother and sister act mentored by Chris Wilson and Sarah Carroll, The band have just released their second e p to great acclaim. Lucy Todd is the 2013 winner of the Whitmore Poetry Prize and a young poet on the rise. Compered by Michael Crane

Sunday the10th of January 2.3o pm. Musical acts to be announced soon Guest Poets

Ruby Todd. Compered by Michael Crane


Sunday the 24th January: Kerri Simpson is a singer, songwriter , Producer. Few singers anywhere have so successfully traversed musical genres as Kerri Simpson. The woman dubbed as “Australia’s own Blues diva” by Bruce Elder of the Sydney Morning Herald has made herself a home in a myriad of genres. Shannon Bourne. Guest poet Chris Wilson compered by Michael Crane


Michael Crane/ St Kilda Music Salon producer, compere and poet

Michael Crane’s work has been published in many literary journals and magazines, including Overland, Meanjin, The Australian, and the Best Australian Poems 2011. He was published in a collection called the Loose Kangaroos in 1998 Michael’s first collection of poetry, The Lightmaster, was published in 1999 by Phoebe Press. In 2003 Ninderry Press released A Dog Called Yesterday – Selected Poems and Prose. In 2007 Picaro Press published Poems from the 29th Floor. Michael has written may short stories and a detective novel. He has organised the successful Poetry Idol series to large audiences at the Melbourne Writers Festival since 2007 and publishes the annual song lyric and poetry magazine, the Paradise Anthology. He organised his fourth tour with celebrated Australian Poet Les Murray in December 2012.

A Warm Cup Of Assholes – Ben John Smith & Michael Christian

July 24, 2014


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A Warm Cup Of Assholes – Ben John Smith & Michael Christian

July 23, 2014

MASSIVE FUCKING NEWS BREAK! “Look Ma, your son’s ass made it onto on a vinyl record cover!” “A Warm Cup Of Assholes” is finally here and ready to hock!  Available by Download, On cassette tape and hand cut Vinyl record! Every single thing in this bad bastard is HAND CUT and self made, the vinyl […]

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A break, i need a break.

July 5, 2014

I’ll be on hiatus until sometime in December friends! Need some time to unwind and get a few things sorted. No email, no fb, no insta, no horror sleaze and trash. 6 months of just focusing on something other than my self. As always, hit me up snail mail PO BOX 806 tullamarine 3043 Victoria […]

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Meredith Bardo

July 4, 2014

Meredith Bardo is a mega loser who spends her time eating cotton candy and drawing lots of dudes with no chins. She likes bad horror movies and cheeseball 80s music.

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