by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 26, 2015

Left By Snakes: YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE (music video) from Pablo D’Stair on Vimeo.

TH Cayne

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 24, 2015

Dildo in Denmark – first trailer from Sasha Xiphias on Vimeo.

This is the first teaser/trailer of “Dildo in Denmark.” It is a short, arty, solo girl porn flick, starring Sasha Xiphias and a pink dildo !!! (Produced by Swordfish Productions and scheduled for release by Skweez Media.)

Steven Storrie

April 22, 2015

“Steven Storrie has worked as a cable T.V repair man, dishwasher, choreographer, ice cream vendor and junk yard attendant. Tired of this shit he is currently locked in his basement working on his first novel, bickering with his neighbours and storing the baseballs he keeps when they are hit into his yard.” — EVERYONE THINKS […]

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Ally Malinenko

April 21, 2015

Ally Malinenko has been writing poems and stories for awhile. Occasionally she gets them published. She is the author of the poetry collection The Wanting Bone (Six Gallery Press) and the novel This is Sarah (Bookfish Books). She lives in the part of Brooklyn the tour buses don’t come to. —   Ebola Scare   Ebola is […]

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Pablo D’Stair

April 20, 2015

Left By Snakes: SHAKE IT UP (music video) from Pablo D’Stair on Vimeo. Videos made for Tony Burgess and Charlie Baker’s band Left By Snakes.

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Kurt Nimmo

April 19, 2015

I am old school small press lit. Edited The Smudge Review in the 70s and Planet Detroit in the 1980s. Standard lit fare: nominated for Pushcarts I never received and published all over the place. Currently edit Busted Dharma. http://www.busteddharma.com/   Falling Down Drunk at the Poetry On Fire Detroit Gig Kurt Nimmo a chapter […]

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