A. Lynn Blumer

by Arthur Graham on November 17, 2017

A. Lynn Blumer lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she enjoys the outdoors just as much as her dimly lit basement dwelling. She recently began exploring poetry as an outlet, but prose remains her chief interest. When she isn’t writing or wandering, she indulges in various acts of destruction with the perfect cap being a steak cooked rare and eaten with her hands, for the only thing more enjoyable than a rare piece of meat is feeling the blood drip between her fingers.

Owner/operator of Pyre Publishing.


Old Time’s Sake
I wanna make it hurt—
Skin peeled
from the best
Carved up heart shapes
on my plate.
A fork driven through
the center with feathered
the quiver’s
& this dish is best
served cold.

You were ready
to be skinned before
I arrived.
Your weapons lowered,
so I dropped mine.

All honesty,
& just getting
too damn old
to fight.


Bloody on the Floor

“What is that?”
The guests ponder
& I couldn’t utter an answer.
My dog had thrown up
A white lump presented
For a living room of
People to gawk at.
As the third one hit the floor,
I saw the string flop mid-wriggle
Aside the soggy glob in question.

That night was the first time.

It was a total of five
Gash-swollen sums with
Kind of chewed dog food
& internal fluid pooling
As I turned white.

Then it was one,
You hacked
Me up like
This act
Made us one.

Anything to be closer, right baby?

Now the moon is
Almost full again
& I know what’s
Said once they have
A taste for blood.

I’m not bloody yet,
But I’m clearing out a space
Under the sink for the bin,

“I can’t afford a vet.
I can’t afford a vet.”


Beasts in The Basement

We leave our Beasts
in the basement
under well-bolted trap doors—
ignored for the floral rug
bought at the local home decor.

We dine above
with straight-laid Silverware
& lining every lie
with candle light.
But a romance fragrance
can’t mask the scent
of self-indulgence pacing
beneath the floor.
We leave our Beasts
in the basement to spare
those we want near,
but they don’t hear
how the bolts rattle at night.
They don’t notice
you slip away, underneath
& unchain for the sake
of some suppressed satisfaction,
carefully executed—
just careful enough
to not disrupt
the well-laid dinner table

James Babbs

by Arthur Graham on November 16, 2017

James Babbs is a writer, a dreamer, and a non-competitive eater who likes everything that isn’t good for him. James is the author of Disturbing The Light (2013) & The Weight of Invisible Things (2013) and has hundreds of poems and a few short stories scattered all over the internet.


Tonight I Want to Be Inside You

I want to be inside you
pretending I’m a great lover
never really knowing
what I should be doing with my hands
touching your face again
our bodies pressed together
the light in this room
skin on skin
and our mouths trying to devour
as much of each other as we can
the shades pulled down
I seem to make you happy
but I don’t know why


Sober Fish

I told her
I really liked drinking
I liked getting drunk
so if she had a problem with it
maybe she should just go
she got really quiet
she didn’t say much
for the rest of the evening
I said look baby
find somebody else
if you don’t like it
there are plenty of sober fish in the sea

and I didn’t know why
I found this so funny
but I couldn’t stop laughing
she gave me that look
and told me she was leaving
alright baby I said
whatever you want to do
I watched her sweet ass
move across the room
before she slammed the door behind her
I got up from the couch
and waved my hand at the emptiness
then I stumbled into the kitchen
and started mixing another drink


Special Delivery

she answered the door with her hair all undone
and clutching at her purple robe
I told her
I had a package for her
and needed to get her signature
oh she said well
ha ha ha
I was just getting ready
to take a cold shower
ha ha ha
good thing you caught me
yes I said
I showed her the form
offered her my pen
oh she said well
ha ha ha
she loosened the hold on her robe
I saw it fall open
had a good view of her tits
not bad I thought
sign here I said
oh she said well
ha ha ha
I wonder what it is
who would send me a package
ha ha ha
I looked at the label
I couldn’t help but grin
adult toy company I said
trying not to laugh
oh she said yes
ha ha ha
I remember now
she pulled at her robe
I saw her legs
they looked really nice
I just need you to sign here
I told her
I showed her the form again
oh she said well
ha ha ha
I offered her my pen again
she snatched it from my hand
oh she said
ha ha ha
I didn’t mean to be so rough
I told her it was okay
I just needed her signature
she scrawled her name on the form
handed me back the pen
her fingers brushed my palm
and seemed to linger for a long time
thank you she said
ha ha ha
when I gave her the package
she gathered up the robe
until her legs and
some of her thighs were exposed
just a little higher I thought
I waited another moment
when she caught me looking
all she did was smile
goodbye she said
ha ha ha
she pulled the door open
and I stood there watching her
slipping quickly into the house



Steven Eggleton

November 15, 2017

Steven Eggleton was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1976. He published his first short story in The Iconoclast in 2004. He has since published numerous short stories and poems in Red Owl, Barbaric Yawp, Struggle, and Mobius to name a few. His first novel, Dry Heat, was published in 2012. In 2014 a collection of […]

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Scott Emerson

November 14, 2017

Scott Emerson’s work has recently appeared in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 1, Quick Shivers About Bugs, Destroy All Robots, and Diner Stories: Off the Menu. From 2010-2016 he served as facilitator for Morgantown Poets, a not-for-profit group that hosted free literary events in Morgantown WV. One of these days he’s going to write that […]

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HST Quarterly: Winter 2018

November 12, 2017

COMING SOON!!! In the meantime, please enjoy: Fall 2017 Summer 2017 Spring 2017 Winter 2017 Fall 2016

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Johnny Scarlotti

November 11, 2017

yeahyeah ur problems may suck a lot but it could be much worse at least ur not a self published poet holy shit amirite @johnnyscarlotti on Twitter   new girl i get down on my hands and knees and start licking her then sucking on her clit she moans and grabs my hair and says yeah […]

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