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HST: Hey Tracey! Whats new, hows the past few weeks been in your world?

TB: It’s been a little crazy and exhilarating the last few months! I just got back from New Jersey yesterday so I’ve been filming almost constantly. Since that’s my favorite thing, it’s been pretty incredible, but this is the first time in a long time that I have a few weeks for myself! Lot’s is new, and I have a lot of new films coming out so all is well, but it’s definitely not boring in my world

HST: You must be pretty stoked to be working with Tom Baldinger, on your new film WHO IS JENNA JAMESON? (

 TB: There’s a lot to be excited about! Working with Tom Baldinger has been incredibly exciting! He’s really great, and he has a fantastic project in that film. I’m honored to be working on the project. I really am. The other actors are also top-of-the-line, so it’s been fantastically incredible!

: You have been called “A dead ringer” for Jenna Jameson, have you two met in person?

TB: I haven’t, although I would like to meet her. She’s a brilliant businesswoman. We’ve had different life paths; however, my business-sense is one of my strong points as well. I’m sure I’ll meet with her at some point.

HST: Do you still have any ties with the Young and the restless scene?

TB: Not at the moment. I’ve wrapped what I’ve been hired to do, although they know where to find me if they need me

HST: What are you most stopped in the street for, is it the Jenna resemblance or a more cultish film you have appeared in?

TB: Sometimes it’s ads I’ve appeared in, movies I’ve done, commercials – as I’ve done a gazillion of them, or a tv show. I don’t know that one thing stands out above the rest.




HST: You’re also a writer I believe? Whats cooking in the literary kitchen?

TB: I’ve written scripts sporadically in the past and produced a couple of them. Lately I’ve been pondering writing again, so there’s definitely something “cooking” in that regards as well.

HST: You are a boundary pusher, do you ever have a time where the work compromises your normal every day life? Family etc?

TB: In the past I did, however, I’ve created an environment in my life where it’s never a problem. My work has always come first in my life, and my family has always been taken care of. Everyone is on the same team, and they always want what’s best for me and my career. It’s all about the environment we create.



 HST: Robot Fighter looks like an intense set, how was it filming?

TB: It was intense! It was amazing. If you don’t have someone pushing you to the next level then you’re simply on your own. I love being pushed to the next level and also challenging my emotional and physical boundaries and capabilities. It wasn’t only challenging, but it was fantastic. It’s a next level film for sure…


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Randall Stephens’ ~ “One For The Road”

May 21, 2015

Melbourne poetry legend Randall Stephens‘ first printed book of poetry “One For The Road” is now back in print, after selling out earlier this year.  One For The Road is all about travel and journey, representing work written over a 6 year period. Hopeless crushes on girls in strange places, floods in Thailand, scams in […]

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May 20, 2015

OFFICIAL RELEASE – BAM! ITS FUCKING FREE TO DOWNLOAD! LISTEN TO THE FIRST TRACK AND MOVE INTO THE SECOND FOR BEST FUCKING LISTENING PROCEDURE Head over to band camp to listen to / download / purchase! (ALL Photos by the flat out fucking creep god Sylvia Lee Dardha and, to be frank,  really […]

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Florian de Looij

May 19, 2015

GIF made by Florian de Looij

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Ben John Smith ~ Vanessa De Largie

May 18, 2015

I recently was interviewed by artist, writer, actor and all round rad snake, Vanessa De Largie –

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