J.J. Campbell

by Arthur Graham on February 20, 2018

J.J. Campbell (1976 – soon) has lived long enough to know where the bodies are buried. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at Winedrunk Sidewalk, Yellow Mama, The Beatnik Cowboy, In Between Hangovers and Pyrokinection. You can find J.J. most days whining about something trivial at his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (http://evildelights.blogspot.com)


two days without alcohol
woke up
this morning
with a splitting
two days
it’s not
this pain
the joy of
giving in
is realizing
the future
is so far
away there’s
no damn
reason to
even think
about it
the urgency
of now is all
about making
it through the
night in one
the devil
tastes sweet


i remember these
two girls in high
school that used
to fuck around
with witchcraft
they came up to
me and my friend
one day and said
they put curses
on both of us
i remember the
laughter to this
my friend is
now married
with children
i’m starting to
believe i’m the
one that got stuck
with the curse
that worked


more inclined to believe
and in walks
a younger
a careful man
will look for
a ring
a romantic
will stare at
the eyes
my eyes
always go
directly to
the ass
some will
say that’s
a sign
i haven’t
i’m more
inclined to
believe that
i want to
know where
i’m going to
be burying
my face in
my dreams


one of the rich kids
growing up on the
wrong side of the
i always looked
at the rich kids
with a look of
until one of the
rich kids showed
a desire to fuck
of course, it was
on a dare in some
twisted game only
rich kids seem to
the sex wasn’t
great and i didn’t
like being part
of a game
although it’s
a better story
than most
about losing
their virginity


to run free
a rainy
not exactly
the best for
with arthritis
but i have
lived long
enough to
know how
to find the
in the pain
find a pretty
woman or
some fucked
up thought
allow your
to run free
like any
in heat





Apollonia Saintclair

by India LaPlace on February 19, 2018

Apollonia Saintclair is a self-taught illustrator with a tortuous past. She draws essentially for her – and your – pleasure. She was fed as much by popular as by academic culture, and the web is her source of endless references. Her influences range from Leonardo to Manara through Moebius – among other European graphic novel authors from the seventies and eighties. She also finds great inspiration in “The Silver Spoon”. A long-time resident of the Old World, Apollonia splits her time between the kitchen and her studio.

A collection of stunning, selected drawings by Apollonia Saintclair has been published in book form: “Ink is my Blood”. Volume One and Two are already available on apolloniasaintclair.bigcartel.com. Volume Three has a planned release for Fall 2018.

“What makes Apollonia’s work so popular? Aside from the mind-blowing intricacy and detail in her work, the sheer skill with which she creates her art in cinematic, post-noir, stunningly imaginative ways, is that she captures the essence of what sexuality means for each of us. Whether it’s a naked woman riding a rocket ship into outer space; or being dragged into the depths of hell by multiple hands; engaging in BDSM or octopus fetishism; the exquisite worlds she invites us into in each piece are as varied as each of our own inner desires and fantasies. They are meant for everyone – and their lack of bias, or objectivity draws us as the viewers into scenes we never could have imagined as erotic or arousing – but that most certainly are. She deliberately creates work “about the ambiguous situations where, finally, the interpretation depends mostly on the viewer.” Rather than forcing her narrative down our throats, in the violent way in which pornography can insist that we experience our personal sexuality, she opens the door for us to discover.”
-Erika Lust

You can follow, support, and connect with Apollonia at the links below:







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