Colin James

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 13, 2015

Colin James has a chapbook of poetry, A THOROUGHNESS NOT DEPRIVED OF ABSURDITY, out from Pskis Porch Press. He lives in Massachusetts.


They met at a feral gathering,
two or more desperadoes vying
for I have the body language down.
Three gender absolutes
seated beneath a sign for infinity.
They hadn’t thought it through enough,
this merry indoctrination.
Capsules were provided to sit
and acquiescence didn’t.
“Food isn’t my focus.”
“I see.” After which
a slight nebulousness was recorded.
Eye contact, as its known
flew about discordantly.
The defense is resting despite
a large screen playing videos
of patrons who didn’t wash
their hands in the bathrooms.
It’s why we all come here.




Lefty Donovan has prostate issues.
His is cancerous and he is receiving
radiation, as he wishes to still retain it.
He tells me he expects to be able
to achieve “ghost orgasms” after a time.
I have experience in that department
having slept with over a thousand women.
When I was getting into the nine hundreds
the call often went out, “Did you cum yet?”
I was most often heard to reply, “What do you
think that apparition is hovering near the mirror?”
No one ever answered, yet I still considered it
worthy enough to add to my list of conquests.



OpUS: Bound TEXT/UREs – Volume 2

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 12, 2015


NOTICE: Volume 1 of New Illustrated Anthology Series features “The Horror” @ Horror, Sleaze, and Trash, “Ben John Smith” (pages 53 – 60). Take a FREE Issuu e-book -gander of entire interior pages…



OpPRESS is actively Soliciting Original Poetry & Pictures for Art Book Anthology, OpUS: Bound TEXT/UREs – Volume 2, to be published September 12, 2016, in hard-copy format along the same vein as the just released 8.5″-x-11″ full-color Volume 1.
Submissions CLOSED to Previous – Vol. 1 – Contributors.

Submissions OPEN to Any Other Artist – (Poet or Picture Maker) – Who Has FIRST PURCHASED Copy of Volume 1, which describes, by example, a sample range of text(vis)ual images that OpPRESS would be inspired to blend together and serialize. We leave the surveying of our range’s boundaries up to each artist’s “Poles & Prisms.” We prefer to synthesize – or “blend” – artists of the two different disciplines together ourselves, but are open to submissions from those who are [am]bi-hemispheric and have made their own blends, as did both the “Old School” artist and the “New School” artist presented in the “First Series” (pages 7 – 12) of Volume 1.


The “Issuu” link (above) connects to a FREE and Complete interior-pages digital replica of Volume 1. We’d rather that work submitted not “tell us,” but “show us.” So, in the spirit of egalitarianism, instead of telling you what we want to see submitted, we prefer to show you. This way, less is lost in translation. So THEN, why must a Vol. 1 Hard Copy be purchased? For two reasons, mainly…

Firstly), to cover the TWO COPY PAYMENT of Vol. 2 to each of its Published Contributors as well as the costs of shipping “Review Copies.”

Secondly), OpPRESS makes Art Books, not résumés… that is, we’re not looking for shotgun submissions simply to pad out a “Credits” list. These books are to be seen and touched, like from being lifted off of a coffee table where displayed to entertain guests and inspire conversation, if not conspire invocation. These Illustrated – Illuminated – Anthologies are, as one Volume-1 Contributor wrote us, “work[s] of art unto [them]sel[ves].”

Okay, Now for The ESSENTIALS… (Read Carefully, Please)… Submissions WILL NOT be looked at UNTIL January 15, 2016, but they may be submitted any time BEFORE April 20, 2016… but Only AFTER a Volume 1 Hard Copy is FIRST Purchased. Seriously.

CLICK the “Issuu” Link (in “CALL FOR Volume 2 SUBMISSIONS” above), which will redirect to the book’s FREE Issuu e-book preview. On the e-book’s page “1” is a hyperlink to the Hard Copy’s BUY site through Amazon. After purchasing, Amazon will email back a Receipt with an “Order” Confirmation Number. Save that email, which, when you are ready to send Your Submission, you must forward (FWD:) that same email receipt to “” along with submission attachments. CHANGE the “Subject” heading to “Submission by [your (artist’s) name].” Poems and Picture Images need to be sent as attachments to that FWD’d email. Send no more than twelve (12) word.doc pages of poetry, all in one (1) document in whatever font that suits, but is set to at least 12 points. Send no more than 12 picture images either scanned into 300dpi JPGs, or attach one (only) online link to images in the body of the FWD’d email (as it may be impractical to email more than a few 300dpi attachments without zipping files). One (only) personal online link to a clutch or cycle of poems (in body of FWD’d email) acceptable also. We will respond to special circumstances/requests (after January 15 and before April 20, 2016) as long as request is sent in a FWD’d Amazon Book Receipt email. IMPORTANT: Any Submission emailed other than in a FWD’d Amazon (OpUS) Book Purchase Receipt will be DELETED UNREAD. No exceptions.

AS TO previously published work… that is fine with us. OpPRESS is also not interested in compiling a First-to-Publish “Credits” List for itself, either. However, if submission was previously published, submitting artist – Poet or Picture Maker – must still own full copyright to his submission. We’re only looking for what inspires us to create something more than the sum of its parts, and to present the submission in a way that it had never been presented before… as a new TEXT/URE – a blend of poetic TEXT & pictURE. OpPRESS will only claim copyright under its name these composed TEXT/UREs. Original, Individual copyrights remain with the original, individual creators. In the meanwhile, a Facebook posted Submissions Event will be monitored by the Publisher, Mike Castro @ Feel free to post any germane questions there in regard to this latest OpPRESS venture. However, Please DO NOT Post Poems Nor Pictures. (They will be Deleted.) We look forward to another spectacular volume for Art’s – if not Fuck’s – sake. ~eMCee

Ty Spencer Vossler ~ Drastic Measures

October 8, 2015

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Peyton Freiman ~ MOUNTY. MOUNT ME.

October 6, 2015

Peyton Freiman is an American visual artist, writer, and sometimes actor. His art has been exhibited in both New York and Austin, while his writing has appeared in The Wild Magazine. He has also appeared in the Austin based web series “Master Class”, as the character Carson. His personal website is: He has no […]

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Neil Fulwood

October 3, 2015

Neil Fulwood has published three film studies books: The Films of Sam Peckinpah, 100 Violent Films that Changed Cinema and 100 Sex Scenes that Changed Cinema, though he denies authorship of that last one if his mother’s present. Neil’s poetry has lowered the tone in Art Decades, Medusa’s Kitchen, Full of Crow Poetry, Rat’s Ass […]

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