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by horrorsleazetrash on October 30, 2010

Fred Einaudi

Ive been a quitter for as long as I can remember. Theres something acutely satisfying about decided that never again are you going to have to be bothered to do whatever it is you are failing in at the moment. Ive quit painting “forever” more times than I can remember. Strangely enough, it never gets old, and I never seem to learn. No matter how many times I have quit, each feels like the legitimate one, the final one, the one that’ll really stick. And with no more painting, life suddenly becomes new and full of possibilities. After all, now I can finally do any god-damn thing I want. Those first few days overflow with promise as my brain literally peels back upon itself and flowers bloom from the inside. In degrees tho, the realization descends that theres really not much I feel like doing, compounded with the fact im not really much good at anything else anyway. The flowers wither back and die, and I fart away my time, feeling sorry for myself and cursing my inability to make a fresh start with my new life. This goes on until a seemingly random idea presents a way around the initial painting dilemma which had led to my decision that painting was for assholes. I gratefully unpack my paint and brushes and return to the easel in the corner of my room.


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