Brenton Booth

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 9, 2013


Brenton Booth resides in Sydney, Australia. Anything else worth knowing about him can be found in his work.


Willie Goes just downed his fourth bourbon in twenty minutes and was feeling even worse. Who was he? Why was he here? But more importantly: why was he standing on the edge of the dance floor in a nightclub full of teenagers. Most these kids probably still live with their parents and believe in hope, family, power, money, and all sorts of other ridiculous things, he thought to himself.

He was too old for Candy’s Nightclub. He could remember coming here sixteen years ago—he was eighteen then.

Problem is whenever he gets really drunk in his apartment he always heads here. Sober he’d go to a bar where others his own age are.

The security knew him, and always let him in without lining up. He had once been a security guard. Back then he still had hopes. He dreamed of being a champion fighter one day—that dream didn’t last long.

He went to the bar and got an absinthe shot and glass of bourbon to wash it down with. That always made the absinthe more tolerable.

He took the shot like a man, though his liver was acting like a boy and he had to hold his breath a few seconds not to vomit.

He had a sip of bourbon and walked away from the bar, eventually finding a dark corner and empty seat and sat down.

He felt quite drunk suddenly. His vision was blurring and unstable. He no longer worried about anything.

“ How are you?” he heard from beside him. He slowly turned and noticed a beautiful brunette in a short black dress that did very little to hide her matching panties. She was one seriously hot number. This took him by complete surprise. He sat there suddenly frozen, completely unable to respond. “ I bet you didn’t even know I was sitting here the whole time. You really are drunk,” she said.

He put his right hand on her left leg. She didn’t react. He slid it up towards her panties and kissed her. She accepted his tongue like a key in a lock. He worked
his hand up to her panties. His cock was so hard it felt like it was about to explode. “ Don’t you want to know my name?” she said.
“ Not really,” Willie said.
“ Lets get out of here,” she said standing and pulling her dress back over her panties.

They walked to her place, which was a one-bedroom apartment about ten minutes from the club.

It had been a while since Willie had last been with a girl. He couldn’t ever remember being with a girl that looked like this one though. He’d really got lucky tonight.

When they reached her bed he jumped on her. “ No, no, you have to do something for me first,” she said removing her blue heels, black dress and panties.

She opened her legs and pointed at her completely hairless pussy. “ I get it,” said Willie moving his head and excited tongue towards her pussy.
“ No, not that,” she said covering it with both her hands.
Willie lifted up his head and looked at her face. “ I want you to do something for me first,” she said.
“ I thought it was for you.”
“ That’s for both of us.”
“ I want you to do something special for me. Will you do something special for me?”

Willie suddenly sobered a little. He was now thinking for the first time since the absinthe shot. He could even hear his mind. It sounded different than usual. It kept telling him to not say a word. He wished he could say the same back, but  didn’t want to look strange, talking to himself.

She sure had some pussy this girl. It was like a perfectly sculpted priceless statue in a museum. He had to keep a hold of this one, at any cost “ You ready,” she said. Willie nodded eagerly. “ I want you to look at my pussy and tell it you want to penetrate it and never leave it.” Willie gave her a strange look.
“ How am I meant to remember that!”
“ Fine! Leave then!”
“ Hey, wait a minute sweetheart. I can do it. Don’t get angry.”
“ Well hurry up then. I can’t stay interested forever.”

Willie moved his face close to her pussy. His cock was pulsing. He had so little blood left in his brain he could barely think. He started hearing the voice again telling him not to say a word. He ignored it and said the sentence then passed out.

After a few moments he realised he wasn’t passed out at all. He was someplace dark. He got a match from his pocket and lit it. Instantly discovering he was surrounded by  naked men. He screamed.
“ Its no use mate. It won’t help. I’m John by the way. “
“ Where the hell am I!”
“ I tried to warn you.”
“ That was you. You still didn’t answer my question.”
“ You wont like this, but we are inside the brunettes cunt.”
“ What! How the hell is that possible?”
“ It’s possible alright. I’ve been here a month. Peter over there’s been here the longest at two years.”
“ Fuck.”
“ No. Fucked.”

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