Andy Cupcakes

Team Mad Michael Christian and Andy Cupcakes hit the strip club in their newest collaboration to bring you creeps pixel whiskey for your eyes balls. The gas masks are steamy, the finger prints on the windows are simply a touch of un equaled genius and making me feel a part of it with the mask just brings a tear to this washed out boozers heart.  Now i dont want to get too sentimental, but; you two creeps make me feel happy in my stomach – im fucking lucky to know you dudes and thats what this HST crap is all about.

Fuck. Yes.

Gorge my friends, Gorge on the wonders of Miss Andy Cupcake in her much welcomed and always awaited return to the pages of the HST GIRLS.  You rock our cotton socks Miss!

Check out Mikes Flickr and his new site, Micheal James Christian.