Miss Nic

There comes a point in every persons life when they have to make a decision.  A big decision. Do we hop in a bath of blood with pigs heads, in a scenario that will most likely piss off a lot of people, or do we just put this fantasy way into the back of our minds and continue living our lives, slightly ajar from reality and continually passive aggressive towards vegans and feminists.  I made the choice and i stick with it.  This photo shoot was probably the greatest, funniest and all around surreal experience i have ever had. And the shots rock. And im happy. So fuck it. Make sure you click the images for a high rez shot, and please enjoy them with a good natured “fuck you” attitude to the world. So its with a great weight of my shoulders that I proudly, very readily, introduce you – To the wonderfully dark and sexy world of Miss Nic and James Watkins..

Photographs by James Watkins

Video Footage by Larry Boxshall and Benny Hellwig. (COMING SOON!)

Model: Miss Nic.

All jewelry supplied by: Candy Coated Sinners

Big thanks to the alcoholics that work at my factory that didn’t ring the police when they thought we were murdering some one, Larry Boxshall, Benny Hellwig, James Watkins and of course the Queen of Gore her self, the always beautiful (even when drenched in blood and raw meat), Miss Nic.  How the fuck can we top this shoot?!