Vain Viki

Its not easy to say something about Kati with out turning into a sniveling, weeping, mess of a man.

So im not even going to try. Maybe the best thing i can advise is to pour your self a very long drink, put on  some Strauss and marvel over the insane beauty that makes up this femme fatale who will both excite and terrify your feeble little minds, HST’s included.  She’s the kinda woman that makes you feel like your not alone, the kind of woman that would smoke your bowl, smack you over the head with a stiletto and then make cup cakes dressed in a corset.  haha you poor fool, you have no idea – come to think of it, either do we.

Thats enough jibber jabber, Come and twist the purple haze with salvatious, the enduring, the fucking super fine; Miss Vain Viki.

respect the rep.