J.J. Campbell 2

by Ian on August 18, 2011

J.J. Campbell lives, writes but mostly dies on an 80 acre farm in Brookville, Ohio. He’s been widely published over the last 16 years, most recently at ZYX, Fox Chase Review, ART:MAG, Underground Voices and Gutter Eloquence Magazine. You can contact him via email jcampb4593@aol.com or at his homepage.

like a disease of the teenage years
a paisley daydream
of naked women
dancing at my feet
a long pipe of joy
being passed around
like a disease of
the teenage years
i want to be smiling
when i die
i could hope for
laughter but there
are still those that
believe in world
i never knew your
ass would look so
good in those jeans
next round on me
make hers a double
and put it on my tab
one last look before
we dance with the
devil that brought
us here
two left feet never
felt so confident
the beauty of

kung fu theater of the mind
each time i look
into your eyes it’s
like i am stuck in
the kung fu theater
of the mind
those lovely curves
and my eager hands
always seem to be
one step out of sync
and this constant
has this poor boy
seeing blue
though i learned a
long time ago
never leave a kung
fu movie before the
nudity always happens
when you least expect

a younger woman
don’t cum
in my mouth
i have rules
she said
and here i
thought fucking
around with a
younger woman
was going to
be fun

rock bottom
it’s been a
few months
since i’ve heard
from the last
woman i had
sex with
so much
for remaining
probably for
the best
after all
she’s found the
love of her life
by now
the rest of them
did after me
i suppose in the
scheme of things
i am rock bottom

the rapture
a freshly planted
field of corn now
under water
tornado warnings
hail the size of
we all should
have known the
rapture wasn’t
going to happen
until oprah’s final
show had aired
wave after wave
twenty minutes
standing by the
new bay window
watching this old
tree hang on for
dear life
i might as well
pull up a chair
and wait to see
if it starts raining

J.J.’s first feature on HST is here.

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