Jon Bennett

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 3, 2014




Jon Bennett writes poems and songs in a 9 by 12 room in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  His novel “The Unfat,” speculative sci-fi about autism, should be out in March 2014.  More of his poems can be found at:


The Most Energetic Man with an Oxygen Tank You’ve Ever Seen


“I know that guy,” says Jimbo.

“With the tank?”

“Yeah.  He smokes crack.”

Jimbo looks like a cross between

an exploded firecracker and a hillbilly.

He has his seaman’s papers and works galley

but when he hits land he smokes tina

days on end.  In the Castro.  In the Tenderloin.

God knows what Jimbo does.

“He likes little boys,” he says

as the most energetic man

with an oxygen tank

you’ve ever seen

hustles up the sidewalk

and buys a rock from Black

a dealer who once killed a man

with his bare fists.

Later, the flames explode

from the 3rd story of the Dahlia Hotel

and Jimbo stands outside

his wicked features lit by flame.

“Love a good fire,” he says,

as I wonder

how a man with an oxygen tank

can smoke crack all day

without blowing himself up.






The skinny white girl

is hot for 2 reasons

one is she’s skinny

the other is she’s young.

Pulls up in her mom’s Toyota

full of junkies

picked up like bedbugs

brown dicks full of blood

I catch her eye

buying my loosies.

She’ll end the way of Susan

who offers to cook for me

after going to the toilet

and boiling her tar in a Bud cap

an old story

but I’m a young man

with a dick, white and hard

as a dogwood tree

as I watch her drive away.



Ralph is Drunk


Me and S were sober for a week.

We got so bored

we decided to have a baby.

I called my AA sponsor

to let him know the news.

He was drunk.

“Congratulalayshuns!” he said.

I told S about it later.

“If Ralph is drunk,” she said,

“there’s no hope for us.”



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