Jon Bennett

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 25, 2013


Jon Bennett writes poems and songs in a 9 by 12 room in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  Sometimes people plug the drains with chicken feathers, but it’s affordable, and he’d rather live there than Oakland.  He’ll be moving to Oakland in August.  song sample –


We the Jury


Me and the other suckers

wait for our names to be called

like it was a lottery for the gas chamber.

“Have you ever belonged to the KKK,

the North American Man Boy Love Association

or The Society for Recreational Puppy Fucking?”

asks a lawyer.

“Why yes, I have,” says one.

“It would have no bearing on my ability

to judge this case,” says another.

Listening to them

I get the feeling

most people just think the wrong things.


Would you like your cantaloupe now?


I walk around my 9 by 12 room

on my knees.

From there the place looks big.

There’s antiques I found at Goodwill

on the shelves. I figure

in 20 years I’ll have enough to pay

for my own funeral.

The room stinks is the problem.

“Do I stink?” I ask my friend.

“You don’t stink,” she says.

Well, I have

and I will again.



Letter Bomb


A long time ago I was a creative writing major

at San Francisco State University

I didn’t think much of the program

but it was easy enough to get a degree

I never wrote while I was at SF State

my classes were more about

listening to the professors,

they’d hire their old writer friends

to make guest appearances and

it was all bad

Inspired by this badness

I wrote a poem called Letter Bomb

it was a folded sheet of white paper

on the outside I typed LETTER BOMB

and on the inside I typed

FUCK YOU!*, the asterisk

indicated a line at the bottom of the page

that said, “Please return as found.”

I thumb tacked it to the creative writing bulletin board

I thought it was pretty interesting, somehow ironic

and so simple

The day after I left it there someone took it down

someone, I imagine, who was angry about it

While Allen Ginsberg was at Columbia University

he wrote “Fuck the Jews” on the dusty window of his dorm

he got into a lot of trouble for it

later on he sat on railroad tracks to block trains

and, you know, he did a lot more in the name

of civil disobedience and perhaps more so

to navigate his personal demons

which he did navigate quite well

I think we can say this

I did not get in trouble for posting Letter Bomb at SF State

nobody gave a fuck

they just took it down,

something as easy to do as

pressing the delete key.

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