Wolfgang Carstens

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 5, 2012

Empty Spaces In Plainfield

Yeah, I knew Ed Gein.
Ed and I worked together almost a decade.
We’d drive out to cemeteries around Wisconsin
and dig up graves.
Well, I would dig them up
while Ed sat in the truck
jerking off to porn.

When my shovel struck wood
Ed would get out, pry open the casket
and pack the corpse into his truck.
Ed always sat with the body
while I fixed the grave-site.
I got real good
at making it look
like nothing happened.

When I was done
I’d throw my ax and shovel
into the back of the truck
and climb inside the box.
Ed and the corpse rode in the cab.
He’d drop me off at my driveway,
pay me fifty bucks,
then disappear into the night.

I didn’t ask questions.
Ed never talked about it.
He was always reading anatomy books.
My theory at the time
was that his interest was purely medical.
Ed was queer, sure,
but you would never mistake him
for a monster.

I remember a conversation
Ed and I had the time
Mary Worden disappeared.
I asked him what he thought
happened to her.
Ed laughed and said, “Mary
has been spending her nights
at my house.”
I learned about Ed’s misdeeds
when Bernice was discovered.

I walked into Ed’s house in clean conscience.
I walked out dirty as hell.
“Weird old Eddie” had fucked them all!
He’d sewn clothing made of human skin:
dead skin masks, leotards, shirts, a belt
made from carved nipples – a mammary suit
with real breasts and a stinky, dead vagina.
He’d upholstered his furniture with human flesh,
lampshades, curtains, rugs – even his coffee table
was propped up by shin bones.

Inside the kitchen
there was a pot made from a human skull
cooking on the stove:
Beside it, a bleached rib bone.
Inside the pot, Bernice’s heart
simmering in Ed’s soup du jour.
We found the rest of Bernice in the woodshed:
Her head was chopped off, her body
strung upside down from a meat hook –
cut from asshole to appetite,
bleeding into a bucket.

Yeah, I knew Ed Gein.
I knew him well.
We were in the business of robbing graves.
I was in it for fifty bucks, and Ed,
well, Ed was in love with the dead.

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