India LaPlace

by Arthur Graham on November 10, 2017

Writer. Feminist. Sunshine person. Former mermaid, current Fleetwood Mac enthusiast, aspiring Queen of the Underworld. Grit, grace, and ganja in the SL,UT. Visit her on Instagram @indiabrittany.


The Question Game

“What’s your favorite color?”
“Green, probably. How many kids are in your family?”
“I’m the second oldest of four.”

There was a pause before he sent his next question.
“What kind of porn do you look at?”

There it is.
If you read the title right,
‘The Question Game’ is just code for
“I want to ask you about sex.”
I guess it seems better to ease into it?
We’re all curious.
And horny.
And some of us
Are a little insatiable.

“What makes you think I look at porn?” I ask.
“Don’t you?”

By myself, in my room,
I can’t help but laugh a little at that.

“Of course.”

“Well, there you go,” he says.
“So what kind of porn do you look at?”
I think about how to answer the question.
I think about how honest I want to be.

I think about the fantasies I’m ashamed of;
The ones that contradict my personality.
Ropes, whips, clamps, plugs, gags.
Being forced onto my knees,
Told to crawl on all fours
And beg for what I could get anyway.

I think about female faces twisted in pain,
The red welts on their skin,
While their pussies get wetter and wetter.
I think about my jaw being sore
From being forced open,
Be it by gag or cock or my own panties.
I think about fingers weaved through my hair,
A hand just ever so threateningly on my throat..

I think about the degrading things I like to be called.
“Filthy fucking slut.”
“You nasty little whore.”
I think about the, “Yes, Sir,” that I hate..
That turns me on so much.

“When I cum,” I type out,
“My first thought afterwards is:
What the fuck is wrong with me?
That’s the kind of porn I watch.”

He responds, “Lol.”

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