J.J. Campbell

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 8, 2017

J.J. Campbell (1976 – hopefully soon) is old enough to know better. He’s currently trapped in suburbia, patiently waiting for all the neighbors to die. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at Full of Crow, In Between Hangovers, Yellow Mama, Live Nude Poems and Record Magazine. You can find this asshole most days on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights. (http://evildelights.blogspot.com)
the greatest myth of all

sometimes in the morning
i’ll open the blinds in the
kitchen and see a rabbit
out in the backyard
suddenly, i’m donnie
darko and all that alcohol
last night wasn’t the
greatest choice i could
have made
the promise of your lips
conjures up the feelings
and that little bit of
sweat creeps into your
loneliness has broken
the last chance i ever
had to succeed
the last chance to get
lost in your eyes and
be happy with however
the wind blew
the last chance at the
greatest myth of all
fulfilling love
legs long enough to wrap around your head for the next week or so

to the high 
school girl
sitting across
from me in
the waiting 
wearing shorts
almost long
enough to
cover her
crossing and
uncrossing her
legs with a little
devious smile
on her face
you don’t
and lucky 
for you
i have never
given two
shits about
the law
every other breath

quiet pleas
of help to
an empty
the walls
start to
close in
with every
other breath
you can’t
control how
others perceive
your past
in their
unless you
desire to die
laugh at the
thought of
murder or
down from
the cross
that what
gives you
life will
also poison
welcome to
harrowing hallways

dance naked in the
dark, harrowing
hallways of my
i will always love
the way you never
gave two shits about
what others thought
of you
i was hoping you
could teach me
that one day
but i was too
late to the party
now on the outside
looking through
a foggy window
of the soul
loneliness creeps
with me like a
damn stray dog
that thinks it has
finally found
soon the memories
will fade and all
that will be left
is time
and my choice of
when to stop it
in all the places

searching for the
lost lovers in all
the places i would
expect to find them
bars, pawn shops,
emergency rooms
and homeless
i doubt any of
them have even
thought of me
in years
i wish i had
those drugs


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